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AR Podcast #16: Rezzed at Rezzed, 2014

AJ and Potter visited beautiful Birmingham to attend EGX Rezzed 2014, which if you’ve not heard of you certainly won’t understand anything of from its ridiculous name. Fortunately you’ll still be able to listen to the AR crew chewing over the games they played, from innovative indies to tepid blockbusters.


00:00 – Introduction: AJ, Potter & Rezzed
00:55 – Moving swiftly on to videogames… but Potter is already puzzled (There Will Be Lancing)
02:28 – Developer or enthusiastic fan?
03:40 – “Do you want to talk about that crappy baby game?” (Murosaki Baby)
06:40 – AJ institutes the new Arcadian Rhythms PS Vita Appreciation Club
08:34 – “The Metal Slug RPG with gathering!” (Mercenary Kings)
09:25 – “I don’t pronounce ‘th’ sounds very well… or at all.”
10:10 – Welcome to the Arcadian Rhythms torture porn minute
11:58 – “No… no… her shoulders”
12:55 – Arcadian Rhythms loves four-player co-op!
13:20 – conversation moves on to Mighty Tactical Shooter
15:44 – “Speaking of witty dialogue…” (Foul Play)
17:20 – “There are moments where the villains stumble over their own lines”
18:00 – “…there’s more depth than Castle Crashers, but there isn’t that much depth to it.”
19:25 – “If we’re going to give Sony a shout-out…” (InFamous: Second Son)
20:40 – “A lot of Twilight sparkles”
23:50 – “I don’t understand the point of playing this game when you can go and play Saint’s Row 4
24:40 – Completely unpredictably, the guys drift off-topic and end up discussing Agent Coulson
25:36 – (Break)
25:44 – Storytime with AJ!
26:30 – “I see what you’ve done! You’ve called yourself ‘Xbox sign out’ – oh nooo!”
27:10 – “Don’t visit Coventry.”
27:50 – “[The NEC] is a surreal compound”
29:30 – …and back on topic!
29:45 – mention is made of forthcoming interviews (to be published separately but soon)
30:40 – “As loud as Godzilla.”
30:50 – A few corrections are made to erroneous game titles (which you may have already spotted in the list below)
32:08 – “You can do that to yourself, after I’ve left the room and after we’ve finished recording this podcast.”
32:40 – “Let’s talk about Alien: Isolation
33:40 – The PC elite trump the consoles again!
34:37 – “Shall we make this awkward?”
36:20 – “It fucking puts the shits up you at every opportunity it can”
37:55 – “Let’s not talk about Alien: Winona Ryder.” “That was my favourite one! …sorry?”
39:18 – “It’s a very gameified way of doing it.”
43:15 – “I’m definitely going to give it my time when it comes out.”
44:00 – “At least it’s not a crafting system.”
45:45 – “It’s about having a good experience.”

Games Mentioned

There Will Be Lancing
Bushido Blade
Murosaki Baby
Mercenary Kings
Metal Slug
Magic the Gathering
Mighty Tactical Shooter
Foul Play
Streets of Rage
Final Fight
Castle Crashers
InFamous: Second Son
Saints Row 4
Assassin’s Creed
Alien: Isolation





5 responses to “AR Podcast #16: Rezzed at Rezzed, 2014”

  1. badgercommander Avatar

    Oh man, I haven't listened to this at all – completely forgot about There will be lancing that game was awesome fun but needs to come to a console where the home of same screen multiplayer exists in a strong way.

    1. ShaunCG Avatar

      I'm looking forward to seeing more of some of the games you talked about. Murosaki Baby has already begun popping up here, there and everywhere.

      I'm pleasantly surprised by what you though of Alien: Isolation. I am equal parts excited and worried about that one.

      I quite liked the first InFamous, but not enough to to actually buy it. Prototype was better.

      1. @SeekNoise Avatar

        I'm really happy to see Murosaki Baby getting so much coverage, even if AJ disliked it. That game seemed like quite a fresh use of the PS Vita. If all PS Vita games were as original as that, I'd probably already own one. ;)

        1. ShaunCG Avatar

          I might even consider the same, as and when I have more disposable income (and the Vita drops in price).

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