Arcadian Invaders!

It’s Friday, it’s our birthday and we’ll cry if we want to

Arcadian Rhythms is three months old today!

It’s not the most convincing anniversary in the world; it’s the sort of anniversary that a couple who feel they have to prove something might celebrate. But hey, any excuse for a party.

I thought I’d take advantage of this moment to round up our posts from the past three months, partially to wave our collective willies about a bit but primarily in case any recent readers have missed out on some of our older material.

First up, from the review pool I’d like to mention Dylan’s hilarious Dead Space 2 review, AJ’s look back at the undersung classic Lost Planet 2, our two reviews of Bulletstormwhich couldn’t be more different – and Kevin’s take on the divisive Homefront. There were also a few indie reviews: Flotilla, Stacking, Rebuild, Mr. Karoshi, Inside a Star-Filled Sky, Final Rift, Dungeon Overlord (okay, that one is Sony-funded) and Blight of the Immortals. That’s not to forget AJ’s series on films-about-gaming; a tricky subject as these five reviews prove.

It’s not all been reviewage, though: aside from the fairly-regular Question of the Week series (our attempts to kickstart debate around contentious issues or just have a bit of fun) we’ve rambled at length about the titles of 2011 that have us hot and bothered, kicked the saggy football of Achievements around, peered nervously under the bed of action-horror games, paid tribute to feeling like a wicky-wicky wild west hero, explored the idea of a videogame canon, pled for remakes of fondly-remembered favourites, felt the sting of mortality in Torchlight Adventures and – a widely-held favourite – agreed that There is no Potter in Team.

That’s not to forget AJ’s recent Open Letter to Ving Rhames – a paean to ageing cultural tastes if ever there was one – and Kevin’s interview with Tom Fulp of Newgrounds and The Behemoth. We’re all hoping for James to revisit his I May Not Know Art… series, and that Dylan will dig up more turn-based iOS gems.

It’s also been Friday once or twice, or so I’m told.

Apologies if I’ve missed a particular favourite of yours – give it a shout out in the comments, we always love to hear from you.

As to what’s coming up in the future… well, we’ve been told off about being a bit negative about games, which is major sadface since we actually love ’em. I don’t want to give too much away but there’ll be a review of Section 8 in the near future and we… kinda like that. There’ll also be a few posts further exploring the conflict inherent in contemporary videogame design – developer vs. audience, process vs. result, messy vs. tidy, we’ve tried to frame it a few different ways so far. I’m also cooking up some thoughts on Don’t take it personally babe, it just ain’t your story – hopefully I’ve not missed the boat on that one. We’ve also done some Portal 2 co-op experiments (for science, of course). And that’s just in the next couple of weeks…

As always, if you’ve feedback for us, please share. We’re new, we’re learning, but most importantly we’re having fun and we hope you are too. Now, please assume the party submission position.







5 responses to “It’s Friday, it’s our birthday and we’ll cry if we want to”

  1. Patricia Avatar

    Woo! Keep at it, guys.

    Gonna add you to our blogroll in a sec, too.

    1. ShaunCG Avatar

      Thanks Patricia, always good to know we're being linked!

      Which reminds me, our blogroll is due an update too…

  2. GordoP Avatar

    I've completely enjoyed reading all the AC posts, keep it up!


    Good on ya!

    1. ShaunCG Avatar

      Cheers Gordo :D

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