EGX Rezzed 2015

Cast 24: We Are ImpRezzed

EGX Rezzed 2015
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Despite swearing to never do another podcast again the Arcadian Rhythms crew ended up doing one anyway. The main reason was simply because AJ, Shaun and Potter had managed to meet up at EGX Rezzed 2015.

Happily, rather than ending up thinking that all video games were just ‘all right’, the show left us feeling like games were pretty awesome instead. The system works!

Joining us as a guest was Joel (aka. Harbour Master) of Electron Dance. The four of us discussed the highs and lows of the show, with a focus on the highs.


00:15 – It was only a matter of time before we used that sound clip
00:39 – “We can’t remember the number of this podcast”
02:24 – We get confused by dynamics
05:43 – Collusion!
07:11 – Lamenting a lack of a real detective
10:00 – “What makes this a compelling experience”
12:18 – Potter can’t remember the name of his fishing game
13:35 – Joel/Harbour Master arrives (he gave us a battery for our microphone, enabling continued recording. We are such pros)
14:11 – An argument begins about console releases (we were both sort of wrong; never mind)
15:45 – “These hands all look the same”
17:15 – AJ does a classic AJ and gets the name of Aviary Attorney wrong
20:19 – ‘Moments’ in games
23:50 – Confusing point and click games
25:36 – Box quotes for Plug & Play
28:14 – We cannot find the game that AJ was talking about at all, so if anyone knows what he is talking about please link us in the comments section…
28:45 – People should stop making games that are really hard to google (Tri)
30:00 – Correction time (sorry for all the wind noises)
36:22 – AJ starts off with strong praise for Hue (he actually does like it), another game you can’t really google
32:10 – The gang talks button configurations
38:32 – What you won’t be able to hear is Potter pulling a face because he can’t remember the name of the game he wants to talk about
42:00 – Shaun calls Mighty Tactical Shooter original
45:15 – AJ regrets having to obey turn-based laws
47:18 – AJ and Potter take a dump on the PSVita, again
49:15 – “Persuadatron the game” (at this point the wind batters our recorder and, subsequently, your ears. We are sorry and will never record outdoors again)
50:13 – Accurate Greek people
52:30 – Potter can’t remember the name of the game he liked but is saved
54:15 – “Thanks, Demons”
56:00 – We hark back to a previous EGX Rezzed
61:00 – “Hatoful Boyfriend?”
62:00 – We name our favourite games of the show

Games mentioned

Her Story
The Escapists
Starship Mechanic
Dovetail Games Fishing
Cave! Cave! Deus Videt
Hatoful Boyfriend
Aviary Attorney
Phoenix Wright
Plug & Play
Monument Valley
Raging Justice
The Swindle
Adventure Box
Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker
Mighty Tactical Shooter
Steamworld: The Dig
Steamworld: The Heist
Titan Souls
Gratuitous Space Battles 2
War for the Overworld
The Weaponographist
The Flame in the Flood


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