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Off-topic Sunday: your dungeon is infested with micro-piglets

For this week’s off-topic Sunday I thought I’d do a quick round-up of what current and past Arcadian Rhythms are getting up to. There are a few developments that I’d managed to miss, admittedly through being a bit of a tit and not paying attention,

Following that I’ve included a few other neat links to Things Of Interest.

  • Shaun is once again blogging about books, music and whatever else takes his fantasy at Nostalgia For Infinity. His band might get its shit together and find a new drummer soon.
  • AJ continues to work on the second novel in his planned trilogy. It’s called Neurons Like Brandy and is appearing chapter by chapter.
  • Dylan is still slowly working on his Twine game, although he’s unsure whether or not it will see the light of day. The learning is in the fun part, I’m told.
  • Walker is going to be without a PC for a while. The poor soul!
  • Spann is doing an interview-based podcast series called The Recycle Bin and sometimes appears on Midnight Resistance.
  • Potter continues to work all night, sleep all day and probably play Animal Crossing in the gaps. He may make his written-word debut here soon.
  • James (a contributor from the very early days of the site) is busy with his freelance writing career, earning money for his well-crafted words. Alongside Seb Patrick he released a Kickstarter-funded science fiction comedy ‘radio’ drama (not actually transmitted via radio) called A Brief History of Time Travel. Check it out!
  • As for mwm, Guillaume, Kevin and Woolie – I’m not sure! Having an awesome time, I hope. (If you guys have anything you want me to plug, let me know.)

As for stuff that’s been going on, here’s a few highlights (both video game-oriented and not):

  • The Fear of Twine exhibition launched on Friday. Go play some Twines! If you’re itching to discuss your thoughts afterwards, a forum is being hosted at the Electron Dance Appendix.
  • The white supremacist and mass murderer Anders Breivik is apparently vowing to go on hunger strike unless his living conditions are improved – including access to better video games. He’s reportedly asking that his PlayStation 2 be replaced with a PlayStation 3. That should be the other way around, surely? In any case, I sincerely hope that the response to his demands is silence, though I’m not sure what all of the demands are. Reports have focused on the request for a PS3, “more adult games”, a sofa, and extra pocket money.
  • My attention wandered away from the Occupy movement a while back as the movement appeared to lose steam, so this story about Occupy Wall Street being partially hijacked by one individual blindsided me. Interesting reading, and confirms what I’ve thought about social media for years: that it’s only the be-all and end-all of protest and social change inside the imaginations of the well-heeled middle-class and naive technocrats.
  • British documentary film-maker Adam Curtis (I have such a mancrush on Adam Curtis) is interviewed by the New Statesman. As always what he comes out with is entirely hit and miss in terms of actually agreeing with it, but his way of seeing the world – and the way he articulates it in such a clear and straightforward manner – continues to be fascinating.
  • I’m relatively new to Robert Rath’s column at The Escapist, but it’s fast becoming a must-read as he fairly consistent at putting out an interesting column on a worthwhile subject. This week’s is about how the games industry doesn’t have or need a Citizen Kane because it is Citizen Kane. Hopefully that’ll be the last we see of that old canard trotted it out!
  • I started playing Dark Souls. So long folks. Just killed my first armoured boar.