EGX shit photo featured

Shit photos of shit stuff from the Eurogamer Expo

Hi, folks! Last week I celebrated my birthday and as a result there was no first-bit-of-the-week post prepared for you yesterday. Or actually there was, because Guillaume has written something neat that refers to bad MS Paint pictures, Jet Set Radio and Minecraft, but I was hungover/working on a hangover so I didn’t edit it. Instead, you can look forward to that this Friday!

In the meantime, here are some photos I took at the Eurogamer Expo. They are all rubbish photos taken because I saw something that made me laugh.

I hope you also find amusement within these real-world dioramas, which I feel function as a tryptich exploring the human condition as presented in abstract by the Eurogamer Expo, 2013. Earl’s Court 2. We’d like free tickets next year, thanks guys.

Panel 1: Found Object

Found Object

Panel 2: I Can Assure You I Am Fucking Not

I Can Assure You I Am Fucking Not

Panel 3: Measure of Success

Measure of Success

[Ed: Thanks for putting up with this half-arsed bullshit in lieu of something actually interesting and actually about games. We’ll be back to our regular programming shortly.]


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    Gregg B

    I… I couldn't resist.

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