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It’s Friday, & we’re here to kick arse and quote scripture

This weekend some of the Arcadian Rhythms team will be getting together in Brighton to get drunk be grossly unproductive make Shaun’s flat smell of man play through an entire trilogy of games, bookending the marathon with the casting of a pod or two. Hopefully those will be online within the next week!

We’ve chosen as our subject the Call of Juarez series, mostly because the games aren’t too long, it’s easy to swap control between players when it’s an FPS (it’s an FPS), and the series is enough of a mixed bag that we’ll doubtless find things to like, things to critique, things to mock and things that make us laugh. (We’re also bringing along a Dylan for that last criteria.)

The podcast we’ll be recording will be mostly about our marathon and how it has crushed our souls enriched our lives occupied our time, but if there’s a discussion topic you’d like to hear our thoughts on then leave a comment on this post! We’ll check it before each recording session and see if there’s anything you’d like us to consider.

(If no one leaves any comments we’ll have a laugh at our expense as we wrap up the weekend.)

If you’re out enjoying your summer instead of hiding indoors, we invite you to raise a beer / Pimms / non-alcoholic beverage in our honour. Unless it’s tonight, because we will be going to the beach and the pub for a bit. Look, it’s been a long week, okay.





4 responses to “It’s Friday, & we’re here to kick arse and quote scripture”

  1. Sid Menon Avatar
    Sid Menon

    I hope that by the end, you all find which characters are your closest analogues.

    1. ShaunCG Avatar

      I'm not sure that we found this out, but we did discover some truths about ourselves.

      Podcast coming soon!

      1. badgercommander Avatar

        My whole body still aches.

        1. ShaunCG Avatar

          My neck now has a greater range of movement than it did on Saturday!