Disaster: the unthinkable has happened

This is another fine mess we’ve gotten ourselves into.

Puzzle & Dragons in-game

Puzzle & Dragons has happened. So sorry. So sorry. More updates soon. Just need to… one more… dungeon…

(But seriously – life has been getting in the way of writing about games for the AR team. Normal services will be resumed promptly. In the meantime, feel free to ask me questions about Puzzle & Dragons. An example question: Is it better than Dino Dominion? And the answer is yes. Yes it is.)





15 responses to “Disaster: the unthinkable has happened”

  1. badgercommander Avatar

    Same problem here, just did Deadly Premonition, The Last of Us, Inversion, Lollipop Chainsaw, and Ridge Racer: Unbounded in the space of 3 weeks. So many games so little writing about it.

    1. Sid Menon Avatar
      Sid Menon

      If it makes you feel any better, I've played at least fifteen games after WinBack and haven't written about any of them. And i barely wrote about WinBack.

    2. ShaunCG Avatar

      In the last week I've not actually played terribly many games – just this and State of Decay. Too many other things going down as well!

  2. @sw0llengoat Avatar

    At this point, it's news if someone isn't spending all of their time playing Puzzle and Dragons.

    I should have my own parade.

    1. ShaunCG Avatar

      But instead you have your own Windows Phone.

      1. @sw0llengoat Avatar

        I still have no regrets. If all games ever stop for the service, then I will have regrets. Until then, I still feel a sad sinking whenever I see an Android phone and know I made the right choice.

        1. badgercommander Avatar

          My phone is still the best phone.

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  4. BellendSebastian Avatar


    1. ShaunCG Avatar


      Yesterday I spent 45 minutes reading about team builds and grinding for monsters. WTF rite

      1. BellendSebastian Avatar

        I'm not as bad as Pete or anything, but I still make sure to log in every day and run a couple of dungeons. Need to upgrade my puzzdroid too.

        1. ShaunCG Avatar

          Weekdays that's what I've been doing… weekends can be more intense (time consuming).

          I think the initial buzz is already wearing off (just as it did with Dino Dominion) but I'm pretty sure that I'm going to continue playing this semi-regularly.

          1. BellendSebastian Avatar

            Until I end up getting a Vita or something, this is going to be my go-to toilet game for a while.

          2. ShaunCG Avatar

            I estimate that upwards of 57.4% of global PAD playtime is executed on the shitter.

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