AR Podcast #9 - featured image

AR Podcast #9: You Arcadian Cult

AR Podcast #9 - featured image

Welcome back to the Arcadian Rhythms podcast. Here’s a very special episode featuring a very special guest, recorded in the very special month of April. Mike from the Brighton film podcast You Total Cult joins us to discuss videogames that possess cinematic qualities and stand out for that reason. Dylan, AJ, Potter and Shaun come along for the ride.


00:00 – Introductions

01:53 – A very special gift for a very special guest

03:50 – The eyes, the googly eyes!

05:20 – The power of SEO

06:08 – Explaining why we’re all here

10:00 – The first game – sourced soundtrack material

13:17 – The second game(s) – film sequelitis vs. videogame sequelitis

17:28 – A vision from the future

18:05 – The third game – emotional reactions

23:26 – “I’m in favour of genocide”

27:35 – “We’ve got nothing”, but Mike has his fourth game – which has charm

33:40 – The fifth game emerges blinking from the miasma of save-scumming – oh, no it doesn’t

37:27 – It finally arrives – and it’s arthouse

41:29 – Mike and Shaun enthuse about a couple of games they can’t remember the names of

46:10 – We begin to head towards a conclusion

44:49 – we drift onto music and ramble about that for a bit

52:54 – the elephant in the room emerges

Games mentioned

Tunnel Rats
Dragon’s Lair
Metal Gear Solid
Clock Tower
WipeOut 2097 / WipeOut XL
Mickey Mania
GoldenEye 007
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Cool Spot
Ready to Rumble 2
Space Channel 5: Part 2
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Enter the Matrix
Halo: Reach
Red Dead Redemption
Mass Effect 3
The Walking Dead 
Army of Two
Ni No Kuni
Jet Set Radio
Half Life 2
Civilization 4
Half Life
Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?
Far Cry 3
Far Cry: Blood Dragon
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

Films mentioned

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li
Tunnel Rats
Star Wars
(et al)
The Matrix
Brokeback Mountain

Credits: Thanks once again to Ben Alleguen (Soundcloud) for the use of one of his tunes in our intro and outro segments. Thanks to Mike for joining us – check out You Total Cult!





11 responses to “AR Podcast #9: You Arcadian Cult”

  1. badgercommander Avatar

    Couple of notes:

    I was wrong about Sonic 2, it was Sonic 3 that Michael Jackson worked on.

    One of the games that Mike couldn't remember the name of:

    Mike kindly sent us that a few days later.

    1. ShaunCG Avatar

      Ah, that's the one. Couldn't for the life of me remember.

      After about an hour of digging I've found the game I was talking about. It's a Source mod and it's called Tedium:

      That link has spoilers, along with the phrase "It’s basically a more abstract version of something like Every Day The Same Dream." :)

  2. @sw0llengoat Avatar

    Note that in this podcast, I am relatively sober. Few/no slurred words, occasional awkwardness, no repeating myself, no shouting, swearing or factually inaccurate accusations regarding my fellow podcaster's genitalia.

    The second and third podcasts recorded that day tell a very different story. Apparently. I have absolutely no memory of anything said or discussed in either of them, but I have heard stories.

    1. badgercommander Avatar

      Outstanding. I didn't realise you were that drunk.

      You took on the role that I normally would, although I think I was competing for it.

      1. ShaunCG Avatar

        I asked Dylan to host as he is less of a rambler than you or I. ;)

        I think the next one/two casts will be… interesting!

        1. @sw0llengoat Avatar

          The offer for me to pay you £40 in order to not put them on the internet still stands.

          1. ShaunCG Avatar

            I'll take £100 and your Dark Souls saves.

          2. @sw0llengoat Avatar

            Call it £10 and you can borrow my copy of Dark Souls.

            Few things to note about my Dark Souls disc:

            1) It needs quite a lot of attention, you can't leave it alone for long.
            2) It normally has it's own pillow at bed time, and is happier at the top of the bed by your head where it can see you
            3) It doesn't like light, water, or being fed after midnight

          3. ShaunCG Avatar

            That is a rubbish deal, and also apparently a terrifying one.

          4. badgercommander Avatar

            Have now listened to the rest of the recordings… There is some valid stuff in there but I think there isn't enough for another podcast.

            I reckon we save that for the NEXT PODCAST TM

          5. @sw0llengoat Avatar

            I've been saved. Let's just keep putting it off for forever.