You Total Cult

You Total Cult guest appearance

You Total Cult

I completely forgot to mention this back in December and then Christmas happened, and then 2013 came about, and then I realised my sister had given me Mass Effect 3 and I wanted to become a retcon apologist, so it all rather fell by the wayside. You know how that is.

Oh, right. Some of my friends invited me to appear on their rather entertaining film podcast, You Total Cult. You can find the cast via the Chris and Phil Present website here, or on iTunes here, or on Facebook here if you want to upvote your social aggression.

The actual episode I appear in is here. It is a bit of a shame Craig and Mike were unable to get AJ to appear instead, since he’s the man who watches bad videogame films so we don’t have to. Fortunately I had enough time to watch one film as research. Unfortunately I chose Max Payne. So it goes. At least I managed a world-exclusive teaser of the film adaptation of Analogue: A Hate Story!





4 responses to “You Total Cult guest appearance”

  1. Sexington Hardcastle Avatar

    That's a good looking dude to the left. He has a voice of gravelly-honey to boot. What a guy!

    1. ShaunCG Avatar

      Your authority isn't recognised around here, Hardcastle. We know the chief busted you off the force last year.

  2. Sexington Hardcastle Avatar

    Is it really a crime to be *too* sex-ay??

    1. ShaunCG Avatar

      You'll not be so flippant the next time some gigolo's gyrating hips cause a tsunami.