The Hangover Special: Frog Fractions

Chances are you’ve heard about Frog Fractions by now. Pretty much the entire internet has talked about it. By which I mean “twitter and the net-savvy gaming press”. That’s the entire internet, right?

So Frog Fractions is a game purportedly about teaching you fractions. It is somewhat less than that, somewhat more than that. I don’t want to spoil your virginal frog fractional experience so I suggest you just go and play it now. But here’s a screenshot. Chosen quite at random. You know.

Play Frog Fractions. It helped me through my hangover. For that I owe it a great debt.






4 responses to “The Hangover Special: Frog Fractions”

  1. mwm474 Avatar

    Played it a while before this. Definitely worth the craze.

  2. Harbour Master Avatar
    Harbour Master

    I am glad you have come around to Frog Fractions, Shaun. JOIN US.

    1. ShaunCG Avatar

      Yes, like a billion times yes!

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