Wind whistling through the wasteland

Things are a little quiet around these parts right now, with various Arcadian Rhythms members preoccupied with other projects or demands on their time. My excuse may be the worst: I’m playing New Vegas again. The DLC this time. Does this undermine this piece I wrote about Skyrim? Well, maybe I’ll write something about that.

We do, however, have exciting things on the way. AJ, Dylan and myself have been recording some more material for further podcasts, and are in the process of editing those. They’ll appear on here and our iTunes feed as soon as we can get them ready. There are also a bunch more articles on the way, including a continuation of my Goblin Camp diary (at last), something in which I blather on about colonialism, and something else in which I nerd out about a bunch of science fiction bullshit. It’s gonna be fun!

In the meantime, if you can’t get by without an Arcadian Rhythms fix, head on over to Electron Dance and check out Seven People, One Podcast. AJ and I both contribute lengthy spiels left over from the Cat’s Away Chronicles. I say “er” a lot and try to make a point about how the comparison between indie games and punk rock is often a very poor one. AJ extols his love for Dark Souls and talks about how the controversy around Mass Effect 3‘s ending should have had nothing on it. Once you’ve listened to that, add the site to your RSS feeds: HarbourMaster is still regularly publishing fascinating content. Get it in your eyes.

And finally, check out this awesome multitool my girlfriend bought me: 


Ain’t that adorable?

See you again soon.





9 responses to “Wind whistling through the wasteland”

  1. Harbour Master Avatar

    Awwww… thanks Shaun. Get it in your eyes, indeed.

  2. mwm474 Avatar

    That is decidedly adorable.

    I would pet it, and hug it, and feed it. For reals Shaun!

    But yeah; you left me out. I can understand that you wouldn't want to put it up (or that it got caught by a spam filter, something stupid like that), but I had sent you that article about WaW. And, possibly, not adding a subject to the message my have worsened my odds.

    1. ShaunCG Avatar

      Ah yes, good point! Sorry Maurice. I've got about 50 emails starred to do something about and I'd completely forgotten that was one of them. Apologies dude. I'll get it online soon!

      1. mwm474 Avatar

        Oh, don't apologize to me; I don't mind, and I get you're busy. Still, had to ruin your post post explaining why you don't have content when you have content.

        1. ShaunCG Avatar

          It's a fair cop.

  3. @sw0llengoat Avatar

    Dude, don't post a picture of your keys online, someone can use that to break into your flat and list reasons why it's not worth playing anything made by or associated with Bethesda ever again.

    1. ShaunCG Avatar

      You never did go back to New Vegas, did you? Remind me to mock you for playing Obsidian games on consoles when we do our next podcast.

      1. @sw0llengoat Avatar

        I'mma let you finish, but Darth Placeholder was the best boss of any game ever.

  4. badgercommander Avatar

    Check your emails mofo.