AR podcast featured

AR Podcast #3: Hate Crimes, The Podcast

AR podcast featured

The Arcadian Rhythms podcast returns. Rise from your grave!


  • Fingers
  • AJ will not let Sleeping Dogs lie
  • The war against the machines heats up as Shaun takes on the role of Mann vs Machine
  • No one sings the theme tune to Dylan’s new favourite, DoReMi Fantasy 
  • We come to an exciting non-conclusion regarding the will-they won’t-they cocktease classic, Half Life 3

The podcast can be subscribed to on iTunes via this link. Alternatively you can still listen to it using the player below.

It remains a delightful and charming work in progress, so if you have any feedback to contribute it will be gratefully and graciously received. We salute you.





15 responses to “AR Podcast #3: Hate Crimes, The Podcast”

  1. badgercommander Avatar

    New rumours emerging, again:

    In time for the Valve hardware maybe?

    1. ShaunCG Avatar

      Valve hardware?

  2. @sw0llengoat Avatar

    I found out after recording this that the full title is actually DoReMi Fantasy: Milon's DokiDoki Adventure.

    I fucking love the Japanese.

    1. Anon Avatar

      And there’s an English patch for it:

  3. Guest Avatar

    Minor complaint, but could you edit out the clicking? It's a tiny noise, but there's no rhythm to it so I couldn't tune the damn thing out.

    1. ShaunCG Avatar

      I'm really sorry about that! It's a side effect of the podcast being recorded in the same room as a man who plays internet poker for a living (ya, really).

      I suppose that I might be able to remove it using a noise cancelling tool in Audacity – I'll have a look at doing this for the 4th cast. For future casts, we'll make sure we record when he's not at work!

  4. blind_boy_grunt Avatar

    i'll never understand what get's people so excited about half life 2. Wasn't it very linear, "go through there, shoot stuff, repeat"? And what new stuff have valve done that came out of their company? Not have bought into their company. I like them and i think they are very competent. But thats about all i expect from them competence, not revolutionary things.

    i like listening to you guys. And wow, i didn't have to scream out in pain because of the loud intro music! You are real pros now.
    I always like a pretty complete list of things that were talked about, for example i want to check out that game black… something but i can't remember the name and now i have to go back through the podcast.
    (but a "fuck you" to whoever is lighting up one cigarette after another. The flicking of the lighter, the deep inhale, the pause, the satisfied exhale. It sounds so delicious.)

    1. ShaunCG Avatar

      The original Half-Life I'm happy to describe as revolutionary, in that it pretty much defined a generation of linear FPS in-game narrative through clever use of scripting and a cohesive game environment and setting. Half-Life 2 is a more difficult sell and I think I might have to come back to you on that later… :)

      Glad you like listening to us – hearing our own voices is a bit weird! ;) And pleased the levels were better this time.

      I'll include a more detailed features list for Part 4. Apologies about the light as well, that is probably me. I am physically incapable of keeping a cigarette lit for more than 2 minutes. Usually because I forget to smoke it because I'm talking…

      Thanks for listening, and for the feedback!

      1. blind_boy_grunt Avatar

        sorry, the part about the cigarettes was ment to be jokey. I probably should have put a winkey smiley at the end.
        But mainly i should have added:
        The only reason i noticed it at all is because i stopped smoking not so long ago, so the sounds were like a little cartoon devil on my shoulder whispering sweet enticements in my ear. That's why the "fuck you", because it felt like teasing. Or torture. ;)

        1. ShaunCG Avatar

          Eheh, no worries. Actually the smoking was just the result of us having been recording and drinking for a good two and a half hours, and I wanted to ramble about games, drink and smoke simultaneously.

          I hope we didn't tempt you too much, and we shall endeavour to refrain in future. ;)

  5. guillaumeodinduval Avatar

    *a million weeks later*

    I hear seagulls and beers… seaside pub, I take it?

    1. ShaunCG Avatar

      You'd struggle to find a seaside pub that quiet! ;)

      No, it was my living room – Brighton is full of seagulls and you can usually hear them all day (and if unlucky, much of the night).

      Good hearing though!

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