10 Reasons Why Resonance of Fate 2 Will Happen [Updated]

[This article contains spoilers for the ending of Resonance of Fate – in a mostly hinted and quietly misleading form so that you won’t be able to accurately predict what actually happens if you don’t already know.]

There’s a lot of fuss and guff spoken about the divide between fact and opinion, but the difficult truth is that sometimes the line between the two can be blurred. Is it merely opinion that Simply Red are the worst musicians in human history? No. It is fact. Is murder ever justified? Yes, all the time, it’s hilarious. That is fact.

Another fact the world would do well to appreciate is that Resonance of Fate is a bona fide masterpiece, a gaming monolith that will forever stand proudly above its contemporaries, no matter how under-appreciated it has proved to be in its time on this Earth so far. Resonance of Fate is so good, in fact, that the idea of a sequel is one of those ideas that has the power to fuel me through otherwise dark days of gaming.

So much do I want Resonance of Fate 2 to be a real live boy that every couple of months or so I google for it, just to see. Maybe it got announced and I missed it. Maybe everyone’s talking about it when I’m out of the room because they hate me. Maybe evidence of its existence has accidentally leaked through the intertubes and is now hanging there, waiting to be found by an amateur sleuth such as myself.

Unfortunately there is no such evidence of its existence online. However, I share here the fruit of my works, and my own paper-thin reasonings for why we must have hope: a list of 10 reasons why Resonance of Fate 2 definitely bloody is happening actually.


1. That was always the plan

From the very beginning tri-Ace have spoken about RoF as though it were the beginning of a franchise. Sega certainly seemed to think so, as one of their representatives claimed in the run-up to the game’s release that they had plans to support the game for 10 years (according to an unattributed quote reported by Famitsu before the game’s release: http://www.vg247.com/2009/04/14/sega-to-support-tri-aces-end-of-eternity-for-10-years/).


2. Sega were probably happy enough with the sales figures

Whilst RoF didn’t cause a big splash commercially, it’s not the sort of game that was ever likely to. Whilst selling a rather disappointing 0.8 million overall might not seem like much, that is similar to other games from the RPG stable which were hyped much more aggressively, such as Dragon Age II (which sold the same amount on PS3 and only slightly more on Xbox 360). It’s also consistent with other tri-Ace games of recent years, so likely what they were expecting. Lower sales figures are also generally expected of the first entry in a franchise, and with RoF’s excellent review scores and word-of-mouth cult status the name would likely stir up some significant interest in the event of a sequel announcement. In many ways, this is more important than just the game sales. Honestly. People’s opinions on stuff matters more to a company than profit. I work in a company, I know this. I’m a rational chap, you’ll just have to trust me.


3. Sega haven’t forgotten it, and they don’t want you to either

Or at least they continue to reference it, or keep it in the loop of their current games. Leanne cropped up recently in the Sega-produced rhythm game Project DIVA 2nd. More excitingly, the upcoming Sega-Capcom-Namco crossover beat-em-up Project X has both Leanne and Zephyr representing Sega as playable fighters. Obviously there’s no reason to buy Project DIVA 2nd just because it has a loose connection to RoF. That would be weird. You’re not weird are you?

Well? Are you?

4. Waiting a few years before releasing a brilliant sequel to their classic games is what tri-Ace do

There is a 3-year gap between Star Ocean and Star Ocean 2 and a 6-year gap between Valkyrie Profile and Valkyrie Profile 2. Dudes take their time, make a few smaller games in between, then they deliver. Let’s just wait and see what happens. Look, you’re getting all worked up about Resonance of Fate 2 and grasping at straws now. Just calm down and let tri-Ace take their time.


5. Post-Apocalyptica is in vogue over at the tri-Ace offices

The Powerpoint presentation “Film Simulation for Video Games” found at http://research.tri-ace.com/ is an 84-page long guide to do with lighting or something. I don’t know, it’s all in Japanese. I think it’s meant to be referred to by tri-Ace employees but has been put online because it might be helpful for other artists. Again, that is somewhat inferred by me. Anyway, the point is that it was produced a year or so after the release of RoF and all of its example images show ruined, abandoned cities. Why are tri-Ace particularly interested in creating some ruined, abandoned cities I wonder? Could it be related to the ending of Resonance of Fate and the setting for a sequel? I AM STARTING TO LOSE MY GRIP ON REALITY. You’re obsessed! No, you’re obsessed. Just shut up. SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP.

6. Tri-Ace are working on an updated version of RoF’s ASKA Engine


See? The segabits man knows what you know. Thinks what you think. He knows the truth. He is one of us. He doesn’t need some big ‘reason’ to suspect that Resonance of Fate 2 will happen, and neither should you. He can infer his own fiction from everyone else’s reality and so can you. It will happen. It will happen. We must believe.


7. Sega are flourishing despite the financial crisis, and are committed to taking risks on non-core IPs.


La la la la, I can’t hear you. I can’t hear you. AHAHAHAHAHAH. NO YOU SHUSH NOW.

8. Tri-Ace’s recent hand-held titles have been huge successes that would fill any publisher with confidence

0.03 million and 0.01 million units shipped respectively. Who could possibly dislike those figures? You’d have to be some kind of executive decision-maker for a successful publisher to baulk at that. Well, good for you Mr. Decision-Maker. What, are you, like, backing up your assertions based on facts? Is that why you’re so successful? Well boo-hoo for you. Enjoy owning a boat or whatever.


9. JRPGs are booming and remain one of the most commercially viable and relevant genres on the market

Bang Nah-geu Bang: Let Us Weep Together, Effervescence of the Violets: Go Go Go X and Eat my Clock, Forever Shining Star is just one of the titles guaranteed to dominate the charts in 2013.


10. I just really really want it

Resonance of Fate is really good. It’s tactical and challenging and smart. The storyline is brilliant. Genuinely truly brilliant, and so different to anything else out there, particularly in the JRPG genre. The characters are great, the voice-acting is excellent. It’s genuinely funny – on purpose and everything. The combat is fun and still evolving on my second New Game+. There’s a puzzle mini-game element to the world map that starts out as a decent distraction and ends up engrossing and addictive. The gun customisation system is replete with hidden depths, just like everything in that beautiful little game. Please. You bastards. Give me a sequel. I will buy at least one copy.

WARNING: Ever so slightly Not Safe For Work


Febuary 2013 Update: 

According to an image released by Sony, Tri-Ace are one of the companies working on a game for the PlayStation 4: http://www.engadget.com/2013/02/20/sony-teases-playstation-4-developer-list-all-the-majors-include/. Could it be? IS IT DEFINITELY?! YES IT MIGHT BE!




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7 responses to “10 Reasons Why Resonance of Fate 2 Will Happen [Updated]”

  1. ShaunCG Avatar

    Hilarious, hilarious murder.

    I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like that video before.

    1. @sw0llengoat Avatar

      I don't know how or why that scene even exists, but I'm glad it does. Every now and again, the writers seem to arbitrarily decide that it's time to have some COMEDY!!! That normally involves running to the far edge of the taste spectrum and tap-dancing on it till it breaks.

      Weirdly, much of the more organic comedy in the dialogue is really quite sharp. Generally I don't expect jokes from other cultures or languages to translate too effectively, particularly with the notoriously cheap localisation afforded by the video games industry, but somehow RoF manages it.


      I really do want a sequel y'know.

  2. badger commander Avatar

    I really need to finish this game, the combat is so very, very good. The challenge is pitch perfect and the systems outside the combat are actually compelling.

    Damn I want more time to play this.

  3. Zenith Avatar

    I want to believe. I really do. Resonance of Fate is genuinely one of the greatest videogames and pieces of fiction ever made.

    I want RoF2 to happen. Buying a PS4 solely for RoF2 would be crazy, but I’d have to do it.

    Haven’t longed so much for a game since Star Ocean 4. (Which wasn’t nearly as good as SO3 but that’s another story)

    If Tri-Ace have any heart, they must make Resonance of Fate 2… ;_;

  4. @sw0llengoat Avatar

    Stay strong brother. Stay Strong.

  5. SCAaron Avatar

    Best game ever made in my opinion.
    To bad I'll have to buy a new console before it comes out.
    Hope it has same characters, maybe you could change characters in the story like Phantasy Star 4.

  6. kshino Avatar

    Is there any way to pitch the idea of how perfect it would be to have bayonetta and shadow the hedgehog as unlockable characters?! And I hope they make the meleeing better too. Can't wait!