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AR Podcast: Rezzed, Part 1

AR podcast featured

We are stoked to welcome you to the first Arcadian Rhythms podcast!

Here for your listening pleasure is the first part of our take on Rezzed, in which:

  • We discuss the talks we attended over the weekend: the Indie Stone’s “how to make an indie game” presentation on Project Zomboid, Introversion discussing how Subversion went awry but let to Prison Architect, and how zombie survival FPS DayZ is doing things differently.
  • Some of the big-name games of the show get talked over: Far Cry 3, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Borderlands 2 (it has guns!) and X-COM: Enemy Unknown.
  • We reveal the secret of social media experimentation: genitalia.
  • Spann unveils a sweet new poster.
  • Shaun admires how Peter Molyneux can rock a tracksuit.
  • Demon Summoner.

You can listen to and download the podcast from the player below, and an iTunes feed should go live in the next few days. We’ll update this post when that appears!

Part two is coming soon, and in that we discuss some of the exhibited games which excited us most (including the excellent indie titles on display).





11 responses to “AR Podcast: Rezzed, Part 1”

  1. mwm474 Avatar

    Man, that intro/outro raped my ears. Please turn it down next time.

    Well, the world is shaped a little like a lemon. It's wider at the middle than anywhere else, which is why Mt. Kilimanjaro goes higher than Mt. Everest.

    Glad to hear about Introversion. What a great little troubled company it is. I have to ask though, do they have any plans for Subversion? Namely, releasing the resources and technology. I imagine it having great potential as a multiplayer game coupled with a level editor. Besides that, Prison Architect looks spiffy. I have to ask though, can you lay a minefield? "Yeah, you can leave whenever you want…"

    On Day Z, I have a story to tell. Well, mention:
    Good Samaritans in the wasteland, and all that jazz.

    Civilization Facebook?

    1. ShaunCG Avatar

      Chris said he still hoped to do something with Subversion in the future – it's a baby he's been working on for ten years so understandable – but at this point I don't think he knows what that might be. I also think a lot of the tech he's built is going to be repurposed for other games. I don't think I mentioned on the 'cast that Prison Architect's AI is mostly taken from Subversion. As an aside, Chris stated that the AI for each character is built around Maslow's hierarchy of needs, so each character is essentially pursuing what they most require, which I imagine will change based on a variety of factors. I hope that complexity emerges in gameplay.

      I am fairly sure you can't lay minefields in Prison Architect; from what I've seen of the game it doesn't really fit with the general theme of attempting to humanise the prisoners. ;)

      Thanks for the DayZ link – I'll have to read that later unfortunately as I'm at work right now and it looks lengthy.

      Civ Facebook… It's technically called Civilization World:

      It's better than most Facebook games but that's like saying herpes simplex 1 is the best of all the herpes.

      …okay, that's unfair. CW is okay. But it's still a time sink that encourages microspend, so fuck it.

      1. ShaunCG Avatar

        Oh yeah, and sorry about the intro – this is our first podcast so we're still learning!

        You would not believe what I went through just to get the damn thing online…

  2. guillaumeodinduval Avatar


    More DayZ: just got Arma II to try that out with a friend who's flipping out about it, I was thinking of waiting until it gets a little more ''fixed'' but it seems the state it is right now is quite acceptable. Can't wait to co-op it up and think of something to write about it, because we all need more blogs/logs of DayZ experiences! Though I'll admit that Good Samaritans piece was pretty neat, mwm474.

    O dear, Far Cry 3 seems like it's even MORE accessible… but to adults? Given the boobs and, well, everything else Far Cry 3 seems to be going for, clearly they aren't sapping us from the tactical decision that it was to heal ourselves in combat to make it easier for kids to handle the game. Most likely it's for all those who can't help themselves but compare anything that is ''modern and FPS'' with either Modern Warfare or Battlefield, and novelty which differs from the ''comfort zones'' imposed by those two games is seen as ''a bug'' or ''a feature in the wrong direction''. If this is indeed going to be the Red River of Dragon Rising, then I'm gonna pass. Speaking of Dragon Rising, we should play a match on Hardcore at some point. I swear it will NOT be as bad as you think AJ. It's hard when you have to handle several AIs, but with people thinking around you and aware of the game environment (aka Dragon Rising vets) it's totally doable. You'll love the lack of UI too, it's crazy what it does for the immersion. In fact, looks like that's one thing they got right in Colonial Marines (o, and Far Cry 2 as well, but you know that already [except well, I guess it's not entirely no UI; it shows up from time to time]).

    Wait you can play as Aliens in Colonial Marines? How betrayed I feel… I just want to know one thing: is the Marine gameplay more fun there than in AVP 2010? I really liked playing as Marines in AVP, so I wonder if that'll be worth taking interest in Colonial Marines… even if I won't be able to play as Predators. I know the guys making Colonial Marines are the ones who made AVP 2010, but I'm still looking forward to an AVP2 that would be better than the 2010 one (especially how multiplayer is handled). Ha now I'm wondering, I wouldn't be surprised that the next AVP would be an ACTUAL Aliens vs Predators game without Marines involved… just to piss me off. Or something.

    1. Madd Avatar

      I played OF:DR, and the problem that I most noticed with the new style was that although you could functionally achieve something that your jackass squad leader wanted, if you don’t stand on exactly the right checkpoint when you do it he will still berate you and penalise your overall score. (I noticed this first when I was supposed to cover the other squad in an early mission. All the enemies died, the other squad was fine, but apparently I sucked). It needs to judge on results not on mindless obedience.

      Also, BORDERLANDS 2 WOO!

      Maybe you could cover Iron Brigade in the next one?

      1. guillaumeodinduval Avatar


        1. Madd Avatar


          My point was more that playing the campaign without the hud would be punishing, for all the wrong reasons.

          There is another game mode though, which is much more ‘you have to do this, get busy’ which could work though.

      2. ShaunCG Avatar

        Iron Brigade wasn't at Rezzed, but that's not to say there won't be further podcasts in future. :)

        1. badgercommander Avatar

          I think Madd wants us to talk about it because we have been playing it over the last week and the game is hell of a lot of fun. A less stat heavy Dungeon Defenders with intentionally lewd (and funny) references to women in it.

    2. badgercommander Avatar

      This isn't being made by Rebellion it is being made by Gearbox. I suspect the Aliens are multiplayer only.

      I really, really want to get back into Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising. I think we have almost enough people to do a full squad. I will talk to Potter and I am pretty sure Madd would be up for it. Am tempted to get Shaun a copy (it is less than 5 pounds now) and see how he reacts.

      I really need to give Red River more time as there were some exhilarating moments in that game it was just constantly undermined by the hand holding and the cutscenes.

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