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Arcadia Needs You

Arcadia Needs You

Arcadian Rhythms – widely known on the internet as “yet another gaming blog” and “a place where some people who think they’re big and clever vomit up opinions” – is seeking new writers!

If you’re reading this post then the odds are pretty good you know who we are and what we do. If you think that you’ve got some opinions, rants or hilarity about games burning a hole in your heart/sleeve/netbook/notepad and you’d like to see them appear on this august weblog, then drop Shaun a line at – deep breath for spamguard – points of data at gmail dot com, no spaces. Or comment below, I guess.

We’re interested in writers who’re up for joining Shaun, AJ, Dylan and Spann as regular contributors, or pitching in with the irregular brigade alongside Kevin, Walker, Guillaume and those other dudes who’ve not posted anything for kind of a while now.

Lord Invader hopes to hear from you soon. Lord Invader needs warm bodies for the front line.

[As you can see from the brilliant image included above, we don’t have an artist either. So if you like the idea of contributing occasional graphics for us…]


6 responses to “Arcadia Needs You”

  1. mwm Avatar

    I'm interested in pursuing this as an irregular, mostly because I don't want to focus on game-writing. As you can, uh, 'feel', clicking my name will actually lead places, this added only recently. You can gloss over some of my writing -except the most recent, that was a piece of trash used to fulfill my 'every three days.'

    Also, you could have phrased that last sentence better… I wonder just what I'm getting (on) to.

    1. ShaunCG Avatar

      Hey MWM, pleased that you've designed to throw your hat into the ring! Would you like to email me and float a few ideas past me for some articles/posts/reviews you'd be interested in writing for AR?

      1. mwm Avatar

        It is sent. Also, you can call me 'mwm,' 'MWM,' '//\////,' or just 'm.' Just as long as it's symmetrical (Mwm is so ugly). Oh, and 'Maurice' works too, but that infringes on the sanctity of the internet, and may destabilize my 'fuckwad' correlation.

        Any reason it took long to write back? (Not that I mind)

        1. ShaunCG Avatar

          I am just a busy dude, that's all! I'm trying to stay more on top of email/comments at the moment, but I'm off the day job right now which makes things a lot easier than is ordinarily the case. I've got your email and will write back shortly!

  2. @RetroRic79 Avatar

    Shanuuuuu, I can help with some GFX and some blogging if you fancy, I'd have messaged you on Facebook but I deleted the fucker recently :)

    Just been working on getting my own blog up on tumblr and put up a piece about the new Tomb Raider,

    Can use the post on here if you like it?

    1. ShaunCG Avatar

      Howdy Ric, thanks for getting in touch about this mate… what's your email address these days? Want to drop me a line on points of data (no spaces) AT-AT gmail dotty com?