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Earth Defence Force 2017: A Winner Is You!

Hey, you remember all the way back in July when we had all that stuff about the new Earth Defense Force? (I’m using the NA/Can spelling of ‘defence’ deliberately, because D3 didn’t bother to localise the branding for us Euros.) Of course you remember this. You also – of course! – remember that we ran a little competition in which we were to give away a copy of Insect Armageddon‘s predecessor, Earth Defence Force 2017, to the top commenter in the two weeks during which we ran buckets of EDF-themed content. Everyone remembers this so clearly, in fact, that there is absolutely no chance at all that we forgot about the entire thing until a couple of weeks ago. No chance at all. Now that we’ve had a few months to tally up the number of comments made, a clear winner emerged. Unfortunately, it turns out he already owned the game, so we moved down the list a little to find someone who didn’t. We’re happy to announce that this problem is now fixed for Oddvorbis! Congratulations, and thanks for sharing your comments with us and our other regular readers. We wish you many happy hours of slaughtering untold numbers of giant insects. Pro tip: acquire autoturrets.



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11 responses to “Earth Defence Force 2017: A Winner Is You!”

  1. oddvorbis Avatar

    Thanks to you! I've never won anything online so this is pretty rad.

    Please continue the good varied work on this blog!

    1. ShaunCG Avatar

      You're welcome, and we most certainly will…

  2. BeamSplashX Avatar

    Good thing I didn't win, I don't own a 360.

  3. badgercommander Avatar

    Yeah, there was some debate about who to give it to, I wanted to give it to 'Tea Leonis' top lip' simply because of their name.

    Hopefully we should have something other than an announcement up by the end of the week. Everyone is really busy this week. Oh yeah, and there is Dark Souls out… I want to be at home playing that right now.

    1. Dylan Avatar

      I have money for one game. I want Rage. I want Dark Souls.

      They are both out tomorrow in the UK. I'm torn. I was pretty much decided on Rage, then I watched the Eurogamer 'talkthrough' of it, and that swung me back into Dark Souls again. I just cannae decide!

    2. ShaunCG Avatar

      Yep, we'll have a proper post up tomorrow and we'll be back to business as usual after that!

      I have more things I want to write about than time to write about them, alas.

  4. GordoP Avatar

    Dylan, I would say go for Dark Souls and pick up Rage at a later date. I have no basis for that as a PC gamer who hasn't played Dark Souls at all but I'm about 3 or so hours into Rage and though I do enjoy the game, it's not at all what I had hoped it would be! Its far from a bad game but its also not incredible.

    1. Dylan Avatar

      I just read about 10 minutes worth of forum posts about Dark Souls, and, yeah, this is a game for me I think. Sorry Rage, and sorry id. I will almost certainly rent it, but that is not enough to assuage my guilt for ignoring my gaming heritage. I'll just have to live with myself (or die by myself, if the Dark Souls difficulty rumours are true).

      1. badgercommander Avatar

        I wrote a little about Dark Souls on Wednesday

        Although some of you already know that. The game is tough, and so far only once have I felt it was unfairly so.

  5. GordoP Avatar


    1. badgercommander Avatar

      Come on, if there was going to be one site that knew this then it would be here. Glad you are excited though. Shaun has already freaked out a bit, he might even have done a little wee, when I emailed him.

      Glad to see that Namco Bandai have decided to take this leap.