UK Resistance #3

R.I.P, You Beautiful Bastards

UK Resistance #1

A few days out of date, now, but this is worth writing about anyway. UK: Resistance has officially shut up shop.

The site had been mostly dead for a few years now anyway with intermittent half-arsed updates, but it was still UK:R. That makes this an official Sad Day. Head over and take a look at the farewell video; if you’ve read the site over the years you might be surprised by what you remember.

Sorry for all the short newsy-flavoured updates recently. I know you all already read Destructoid or Eurogamer or something shittier for gaming news. I bet they won’t write about this, though.

Maybe we should dust off our Dreamcasts and say a few words? Although looking at my pathetic collection of legit DC games I’m not sure I want to. Wasn’t SEGA Rally better on the Saturn?

I can’t fucking remember. I was a Ninty kid.

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5 responses to “R.I.P, You Beautiful Bastards”

  1. badgercommander Avatar

    Been going to that site since I learnt how to use the Internet properly (so that would 2004 roughly), I wore my RIP 2007-2007 T-Shirt in mourning of UKR's passing. I had actually been enjoying the recent updates by the new guys as there was some vitriol left.

    I can't play a Dreamcast nor can I play a Saturn. I can bust out my SEGA Nomad and play some arcade perfect Ghouls n Ghosts though. I'll do that.

    1. ShaunCG Avatar

      I really want to play Space Channel 5, but am holding off on buying it on Steam because I'd rather, yunno, find a DC copy.

  2. r4dian Avatar

    I think I have just fixed my dreamcast, but I'm unable to plug it in to my newfangled tellybox :(

    1. ShaunCG Avatar

      I know that mine works with my space telly because I tried to set it up whilst drunk one time last year and was MASSIVELY DISAPPOINTED to discover that, of course, lightguns don't work with LCD screens.

      Welcome to herp, population derp.

  3. guillaumeodinduval Avatar

    Maybe I should bring my Dreamcast for Friday night's gaming… now if only my S-video adapter was still functional.

    I say that I had JUST recently found out about UKR. Now I can't help but feel a numb pain similar to when Sega announces the shutdown of a PSO (#) server for X console… like they've been doing ever since the Dreamcast…