Forest burning

Breaking News: Forest Fire!

Yep, that’s right, an unstoppable forest fire is raging through “west spider forestshire”, a small county I just made up located – you guessed it – to the west of a giant spider I built in my spare time.

What? Oh, yes: this is of course the giant spider I built in Minecraft.

Spider temple
The spider I built outside my real house is smaller and had planning permission.

Yes, thanks to one of our server’s resident players deciding to undertake a little deforestation project, a fire is currently sweeping through Minecraftland:

The path of the fire
He couldn't have started the damn fire in the desert biome, could he?

How did this begin?

I was pissed off with all the nature that was in the way of the improvement works I was bringing to the local community (i.e. a road), so I set light to one of them before thinking about how stupid an idea that might turn out to be.







16 responses to “Breaking News: Forest Fire!”

  1. @radian_ Avatar

    So much for my sustainable logging project to power the glass factory.

    1. ShaunCG Avatar

      Haha, aye, I feel like all those trees I planted were just more fuel for Seeknoise's carnage.

  2. Spann87 Avatar

    I've not played any multiplayer MC at all, partially because of my intense fear that the above will happen.

    Mainly because I don't have any friends, though.

  3. badgercommander Avatar

    Is this Seeknoise's fault?

    Goddamnit, I have to write my Co-Op piece so that everyone can know of his ability to fuck with everything.

    1. @radian_ Avatar

      Any of the nightshaft crew could have been to blame for our-near apocalypse to be fair. But this time; yes .

    2. Seeknoise Avatar

      Hey! To be fair, I was just trying to burn down a single tree in amongst a forest of trees when this totally unavoidable accident occurred. It wasn't my fault the fire decided to spread… =/

      On a positive note, we'll never have to worry about any pesky trees within a 10km radius of us getting in the way of our (non-wood based) development!

      1. ShaunCG Avatar

        Andy and I are going to plant a bunch of new ones because we're MASSIVE HIPPIES.

        1. @radian_ Avatar

          Hehe, the true reason is I use a bunch of wooden equipment since I keep dying and loosign everything.

      2. badgercommander Avatar

        Hey, maybe you could call in an airstrike on it… ¬¬

  4. Spann87 Avatar

    Could I ask what server this is? I'd love to get on some MC multiplayer.

    1. ShaunCG Avatar

      It's my friend Alex's server, I believe, but I will ask if he minds someone else joining…

  5. ShaunCG Avatar

    Ayup, this has been put on Reddit and the hits have shot right up. I'll have to resist the temptation to turn this into Minecraftian Rhythms!

  6. badgercommander Avatar

    It has also occurred to me the slight inappropriateness of this post given the news of real natural disasters in the world today.

    All the same nice to see the site get a nice bump.

    1. ShaunCG Avatar

      In fairness it was written and scheduled on Monday. If it had been about a flood then I would've taken it down!

      Yeah, the traffic leap was quite something.

  7. DJ Avatar

    You could if you get some tnt – blow up some trees and create a gap

    It's really not THAT hard to stop a forest fire in minecraft if you work fast with a team of people ( 5 – 8 )

    1. ShaunCG Avatar

      Alas, there was just one guy online (the culprit) in the small hours of the morning. The server is only a small one as well – 8 max players.