Teething troubles

Teething troubles

It looks like we’re having a few problems with the commenting system, IntenseDebate. I’m aware of one comment that has disappeared and one that has appeared on the wrong post. I think I’ve fixed the cause of the issue, but if you have any problems then please let us know. How? Well, a comment on this post if you can… and if not, email me at pointsofdata swirly-a gmail dot com. If we have any more problems I’ll replace IntenseDebate. It’s a decent commenting plugin but if it’s not reliable then it’s not worth it!

Thanks for your time and patience, and please accept my apologies for any issues you may encounter. You may manshoots me in the manhead in a game sometime.





6 responses to “Teething troubles”

  1. Harbour Master Avatar
    Harbour Master

    Links embedded in comments appear to have the same colour as the text, which means they're invisible until you hover over them. Example here.

    1. ShaunCG Avatar

      This is as good as I can manage for the time being – as you can see it affects some other links too. Unfortunately I can't properly view the IntenseDebate PHP file in order to understand which Div tag refers to what, and therefore which I need to tell my custom CSS to overrule. Bah!

  2. ShaunCG Avatar

    Ah, bugger. I fixed that for the posts themselves but not the comments. I’ll try and work out which bit of custom CSS I need to tweak…

  3. Harbour Master Avatar
    Harbour Master

    Using Firebug in Firefox, tested that adding the following to your default.css file should sort it:
    .idc-c-t-inner a:link {color:blue;}
    .idc-c-t-inner a:visited {color:red;}
    Where, of course, you can put in any colours you like…

    1. ShaunCG Avatar

      You're a star! I shall implement this over the weekend, thank you very much.

      Didn't think to try out Firebug – definitely more effective than what I've found on offer in Chrome. :)

      1. ShaunCG Avatar

        Fixed, hoorah! Thanks again.