Rise from your grave – It is Friday

APB was one of those games that you could only imagine going tits up. You really wanted it to be successful, as it had so many good ideas, but you just knew that it was going to collapse under its own self-importance.

This was most unfortunate due to the number of livelihoods that were tied to it, and of course for a British development team to implode (almost as a portent for what was to come).

But now here is a moment to dry one’s eyes and enjoy the adorable puppy-based news after a long series of hurricanes and earthquakes. APB is back.

It’s going free-to-play and the new subsidiary seems happy with the 100, 000 people who have joined the closed Beta. Anyone experienced this new incarnation?

Man, I feel like I can pat myself on the back and go back to enjoying grilled-cheese sandwiches with Branston Pickle…






10 responses to “Rise from your grave – It is Friday”

  1. ShaunCG Avatar

    "Grilled cheese sandwich"? Get thee to Canada, ex-pat Brit! The correct term is "cheese toastie".

    (I admit that my patriotic stance is somewhat undercut by my hatred of Branston Pickle, or indeed any such pickled spread.)

    1. badgercommander Avatar


    2. Dylan Avatar

      Not only that, but one does not 'rise' from one's grave, one 'wises' from it. What are they teaching you over there in Canada?

      1. GordoP Avatar

        We are teaching him the ways of Peanut Butter and Banana sandwiches…

        1. badgercommander Avatar

          You know where you can shove that Peanut Butter and Banana sandwich.

          Also, the 'Wise' bit is only in the Megadrive version. The Arcades bit was fine, so there.

          Also Cheesy Toasty? What the hell is that? I have always called them grilled sandwiches, twas my mother who speaks naught but the Queen's English that referred to them as such.

          I hate you all. You have ruined my weekend and killed Christmas

          1. GordoP Avatar

            *wipes mouth* delicious, perhaps I shall follow that up with a cheesy toasty with bacon.

          2. ShaunCG Avatar

            "A grilled cheese sandwich is assembled and then heated until the bread crisps and the cheese melts, sometimes combined with an additional ingredient such as peppers, tomatoes or onions. The bread is sometimes buttered before cooking. Several different methods of heating the sandwich are used, depending on the region and personal preference. Common methods include being cooked on a griddle, grilled, fried in a pan, broiled, or made in a panini grill or sandwich toaster (this method is more common in the United Kingdom where the sandwiches are sometimes called "toasties")."

            Bam! Wikipedia knows the truth.

            To make you feel a bit better I'll link to this song by this band: http://www.last.fm/music/The+Four+Eyes/_/Altered+

            Annoyingly you can't play it from there and it's not on YouTube or their MySpace page. Shame, the whole album is a lot of fun.

  2. ShaunCG Avatar

    Snap, although the concept of the game is still enticing enough that I may give it a second chance.

    1. GordoP Avatar

      The idea of it really is a good one but the fact that the character customization was my biggest highlight from the beta (creating a 50-60 year old disgruntled look alike of myself was pretty great), I am slightly less inclined to give it a second chance. Though thinking about it now, it would be nice to see what has changed and hopefully improved. Perhaps I shall give it a second go.

  3. badgercommander Avatar

    On another happy note, to rise from their grave: