Earth Defence Force 2017: A Winner Is You!

Hey, you remember all the way back in July when we had all that stuff about the new Earth Defense Force? (I’m using the NA/Can spelling of ‘defence’ deliberately, because D3 didn’t bother to localise the branding for us Euros.) Of course you remember this. You also – of course! – remember that we ran a little competition in which we were to give away a copy of Insect Armageddon‘s predecessor, Earth Defence Force 2017, to the top commenter in the two weeks during which we ran buckets of EDF-themed content. Everyone remembers this so clearly, in fact, that there is absolutely no chance at all that we forgot about the entire thing until a couple of weeks ago. No chance at all. Now that we’ve had a few months to tally up the number of comments made, a clear winner emerged. Unfortunately, it turns out he already owned the game, so we moved down the list a little to find someone who didn’t. We’re happy to announce that this problem is now fixed for Oddvorbis! Congratulations, and thanks for sharing your comments with us and our other regular readers. We wish you many happy hours of slaughtering untold numbers of giant insects. Pro tip: acquire autoturrets.