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Arcadian obituaries: Walker

After five years, Arcadian Rhythms has reached the end of its road. It is a wistful moment when something that has been part of your life, however peripherally, comes to an end.

I never got around to writing as many pieces for AR as I meant to. The chief reason was that I rarely felt like I had something interesting to say. My dedication to procrastination played a role, too: I started more projects than I finished. I rarely found the time, energy, and motivation to get them to the point where I felt comfortable having them read by an audience of strangers. Because of my meagre contribution I always felt something of an outsider, and as a consequence, I’m not sure it’s my place to say much about the late Arcadian Rhythms. Once again, I feel like I have nothing to say.

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Arcadian obituaries: Shaun

Both AJ and Dylan’s goodbyes to AR have resonated with me, as well as slighted my character. Apparently I was a malnourished man with a chip on his shoulder? Hmph. I suppose that is a fairly generic description of youngish male writers.

Running AR has been a lot of work over the years, and I’ve bitched and moaned about it a lot to my fellow contributors. The usual complaints, you know? Hosting and domain bills arriving when I was skint; spending four or five hours trying to edit horrible podcast audio into something slightly less horrible; spending weekends writing or editing pieces when all I really wanted to do was go and play games; that time when my other site had malicious code injected into it and I got to spend an entire day identifying and extracting every trace of it from every site sharing the hosting. Yay!

These aren’t the things I’ll remember. The events that will stick in my mind are those where multiple Arcadians were able to get together, whether it was getting drunk and recording an inevitably overlong podcast, constantly losing and searching for one another at gaming expos, or even that time I embarrassed myself in front of a gang of Tap Repeatedly writers. There’s also weirder stuff, like the time Joel from Electron Dance recorded a video interview of AJ and myself (you’d have to ask him why), or the time we got Joel from Electron Dance really drunk and reminded him of what a hangover is (there is no why, only because).

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Arcadian obituaries: Dylan

I don’t know what that pane at the top right of the site is called. Maybe this is indicative of the problem. Anyway, whatever that thing is called, it has had this text on it for the last five years:

“We are a fun-loving, quasi-intellectual bunch of gamers and writers with so many opinions we just had to share.”

I’ve been responsible for maintaining a great many quasis in my time, but AR has been amongst my favourite.

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Arcadian obituaries: AJ

I remember the first meet up held for Arcadian Rhythms, before the site launched. It was in a homely pub in the centre of Brighton. The walls were the colour of diarrhoea and behind the bar was the kind of décor popular in tacky seaside resorts circa 1970 – all ornate mirrors and flashing lights. There was a brightly lit slot machine in there making the kind of beeping noises that only serve to make people want to kick the source.

I was nursing a pint of Kronenbourg and a hangover that had been raging for about 4 hours at that point.

Shaun showed up first and then two or three others. We had been exchanging emails about the site for a few weeks, largely arguing over the name of the website (we were almost called Metal Gear Salad; thank fuck we weren’t) and during that period I had got to know everyone a bit.

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Editorial: Arcadian Rhythms is Five Years Old

Arcadian Invaders!

Arcadian Rhythms is five years old this month. Five years since a group of friends decided to take their enthusiastic discussions of video games out of pubs and email and onto a WordPress platform.

Without wanting to wax too sentimental, I don’t think any of us imagined that the site would be around five years later. We were probably surprised to still be standing a year later. None of us had previously devoted much time to writing about games, and many of us hadn’t done a huge amount of writing in general. I think we were all surprised by just how engaging we found Arcadian Rhythms, our fellow writers, and our readers.

We’ve done some cool shit over those five years. Despite being nobodies, we’ve secured press passes to gaming events like Rezzed and EGX and quickly established that while we don’t much care for events overloaded with snotty oiks and free merch hunters, we do enjoy meeting up with other writers and game creators and seeing what they’re working on. We decided to start doing a podcast, despite none of us having any experience of doing so, and despite several of us being inveterate dominators of conversation – a character flaw hardly helped by our general insistence on recording podcasts whilst also getting drunk.

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More Lost Worlds: my archived memories

It’s frivolous, sure, but Adam Smith’s RPS supporter post concerning savegames he’s hung onto but never completed tickled me, as I’ve collected old saves for a great many years and still have saves that date back over a decade. I thought I’d also have a look back over my savegame cellar and pick out a few vintages that come complete with interesting memories.

(Want to read something about the psychology of why we don’t finish games? Check out A Death in Stasis. We got you covered, reader!)

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