AR Diary: October

Long story short: no proper diary this month.

It’s been a busy month for me, and I’ve honestly not played much that I think is interesting to talk about. Sure, I played through Crysis 3 – but what is there to say about this shockingly pretty, hamfistedly written FPS that’s not been said before? And sure, I’ve surprised myself by being seduced by the simple, lo-fi charms of Shattered Planet, but I don’t feel that the game has added a great deal to the roguelite conversation. It’s just a well-executed set of nested gameplay loops and is fun to play for half an hour here and there.

Okay, so I’ve been dabbling in a number of mobile games, and I’m sure there are a few things to be said about the luscious Deep Under the Sky and its compelling twist on the Angry Birds mechanical formula. Or about Dungeon Boss and Summoners War: both games I’m playing for research, both games managing to summon (aha) up some interesting twists in the hard-fought arenas of free to play RPGs. But who wants a shallow scraping of the surface of a F2P game? Few people reading this, I’m sure.

So that’s that, really. Busy month, not played too many games; next month I may have more to say, although I suspect Fallout 4 is likely to dominate most of my gaming time. That said I’m also getting a Steam controller, so perhaps I’ll have my take on that - which no doubt everyone will be thrilled by, having read dozens of both first-impression and expert-analysis pieces already.

I didn’t even read a huge amount of games writing this month, so I can’t even share many interesting links. Still, you may be interested in word that a study into the placebo effect in video games has revealed that gamers are as easily led as other humans – who knew! – or in Michael Cook’s roundup of people working in AI fields who you should know.

Oh, wait a minute. I played through the entirety of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. How come I’d almost entirely forgotten about that already? It sounds like a snarky criticism of the game, but to be candid it’s more fair to lay it at the door of my shitty memory.

What did you play in October that you almost forgot about?

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