Arcadian Rhythms Podcast #11: Eurogamer Expo 2013

AR podcast featured

The Arcadian Rhythms crew descended on the Eurogamer Expo’s nearest pub and talked a lot about sexism, bullying, Pacific Rim, met up with the Tap Repeatedly gang and tried to convince them to play EDF, and discussed when rape jokes are funny (never) and when jokes about rape culture are funny (when handled by someone masterful, maybe).

Of course we didn’t record any of that. Instead there is lots of platform talk and lots of indie talk, featuring a grand total of two special guests.

We also did eventually go to the Expo and play some games.

Please note that Les Dennis was never naked. That was Keith Chegwin.


01:00 – We take the piss out of Potter for not writing any articles yet
03:30 – Discussion of ‘Stan’ by Eminem crosses over with talk around Final Destination and Idle Hands
05:00 – We remember that we are a gaming podcast
05:40 – We confess our love for giant robots
10:04 – Steambox conversation starts
10:30 – Shaun uses the word ‘leverage’
11:53 – Conversation diverges into films, again
13:00 – Some bold future of consoles talk takes place
15:08 – And now, Ouya…
19:07 – A break is taken
20:01 – Potter enters a Virtua Fighter tournament
21:05 – Rezzed gets props and every AAA title gets shit on
23:31 – “An unintentional Potter”
24:11 – Shaun foreshadows his cold
25:30 – A truck starts backing up into the podcast
26:20 – “Vaguely Star Trekish Star Trek
29:45 – Shaun was really prepared to interview Mi-Clos about Out There
30:35 – We go into a tunnel
30:55 – Shaun rescues Potter by remembering the name of the game
32:30 – We argue about ghost gender
34:40 – We stumble over the name of this game that we really liked. We completely guess its name wrong
36:58 – AJ is a bit good at Speedball 2
37:44 – “They did the smudgey art”
38:51 – The gang restate that they are really good at games
39:54 – The male cosplayers
40:54 – Breaking an Acorn
44:44 – “One 64th of the computational power”
46:37 – “It’s all marketing shite”
47:48 – “Rape jokes aren’t funny”
48:01 – Our special guest arrives in time to get a Macdonald’s Happy Meal, dispense some words of wisdom, collect his payment and then leave
49:30 – “Like the Venga Bus”
50:15 – A Chris Sawyer anecdote begins
51:00 – Streamlining the interface is never a good idea
52:13 – The gang return to the tournament conversation, which Potter won
53:50 – Potter clears the record
54:34 – “I feel so cold”
55:25 – After saying goodbye we return
57:49 – Spann traps the rest of the Arcadian Rhythms posse into talking about the Wii-U
59:30 – Spann manages to foist one Nintendo console onto someone else
1:04:00 – “Wait, a Japanese dating Sim?”
1:05:20 – A social XCOM
1:06:30 – Ace Combat is going free-to-play
1:08:05 – Dark Souls is Castlevania
1:09:00 – MMOs are like a Harry Hill joke
1:10:30 – Spann remembers the original Gran Turismo
1:12:00 – “The dudebros…”
1:12:40 – Titanfall doesn’t have shit, like art cards

Games mentioned

Titan Fall
Call of Duty
Sonic Allstars Racing Transfromed
Ellen Page simulator 2013
Tomb of Rooms
Kudos 2
Out There
Prison Architect
Sir, You are being hunted
I get this call everday
Omikron Nomad Soul
Heavy Rain
Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad
Master Reboot
Speedball 2
Chaos Engine remake
Chuckie Egg
Octodad: The Dadliest Catch
JS Joust
Just Dance
Transport Tycoon remake
Virtua Fighter: Final Showdown
Mr. Driller
Monster Hunter
Dark Souls II
Lovers in Dangerous Spaces
Ace Combat
Space Team
Castlevnia Lords of Shadow 2
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Gran Turismo 6