Clones, Drones and Sex – it’s Friday

Well, I’ve been supping on Camomile Tea and enjoying a week of not playing video games, instead watching them on the Internets.

We would have been remiss in not talking about Dead Island, but you know what – I am sure you have seen that trailer. The debate on whether this is manipulative trash or a heartfelt piece of cinematography, well that is pretty much in the eye of the beholder.  Instead, I’d like to embed a fitting Minecraft tribute to the original DI trailer:

Minecraft is everywhere, it is awesome… unfortunately maybe a bit too awesome because now we are starting to see copycat games; dangerously similar games to the point of possible copyright infringement. Anyway here is, errr, FortressCraft for the Xbox LIVE Indie game scene (WARNING: sound levels are a bit wonky and the trailer may induce Minecraft nerd rage).

Will it actually get released? Who knows. Will someone at Arcadian Rhythms play it if it does? I can think of one person who will…

Finally, we knew that Woolie was very keen to play Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but we didn’t realise he was that keen on playing it:

Gawd bless ‘im, he is now getting himself put on every gaming site from Kotaku to Destructoid. As well as receiving invites to have the video aired on G4TV.

*Wipes tears from collective eyes*

They grow up so fast.