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Born and raised in Montreal, I found myself the child of divorce with a hard working father and a mother who seemed to always be in another castle. Babysat by video games I grew up with Mario and Link, and as they gained pixels I gained a hunger for more games, be it at the arcade or the home of a friend who owned a different console . I drew inspiration from the worlds and characters of the games and comic books around me and put this down on paper in the form of art, and continue to this day to play games to take in their stories and beauty and stoke my own fires. Having worked in the video game QA business since the age of eighteen I’ve seen the industry from the trenches, have endured the terrible sight of bare bones games , and still can find beauty in the chaos. I’m drawn to play games of all types,; though I lean very much toward the “old school” I can still appreciate a good multiplayer FPS or fighter, or dive in to a deep RPG.

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