Your Games of 2014: Give Us They

Soon, Clan Arcadian Rhythms will be slathering itself in woad and charging into battle against our mortal enemies. It’s a metaphorical battle, you understand: our weapon is a podcast and our target is 2014. It must be destroyed.

We’ll be discussing the games of 2014, focusing - because we are such positive bunnies – on those we loved or found particularly interesting. We’ll also take advantage of the opportunity to discuss the year’s low points, such as Assassin’s Creed: Unity ‘fixing’ its only interesting elements, and being unable to poke Milo Yiannopoulos in the eye.

It would also, dear readers, be splendid to have some opinions from outside our clannish bubble. So if there are any games you thought were particularly great, or particularly not-great, let us know either in the comments or by tweeting @arcadianinvader. We’ll read out as many as we can (assuming we get any).

Shaun and Potter promise that they’ll edit the recorded audio really really promptly this time and the finished podcast will actually actually go live in the near future. Honestly honestly.