Dark Souls Sunday!

It’s a few weeks since I promised a new era in the shameless pursuit of new demographics. What can I say: I am a busy yet lazy man. Also I tried to record some Goat Simulator videos and quickly discovered that video editing is quite difficult when you have no software and no clue what you’re doing. Frustrated, I chose to play Dark Souls rather than record videos of it.

But at last I have returned to Lordran with a new character and a burning desire to introduce potential new players to some of the game’s basics. Below is an embedded round-up of the first three videos, which were published Friday, yesterday and today respectively.

Apologies that the black bars around the sides of the video are still present. I thought I had that issue fixed but apparently not! I can only guess that Dark Souls letterboxes its video even when running in a window. That, or I’m an idiot. Hopefully my voice is now more audible than in the test video, at least.

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