Arcadian Rhythms announces shameless pursuit of new demographic

That’s right, folks. We’ve come to the conclusion that in order to remain borderline relevant, it’s time for Arcadian Rhythms to harness its ramshackle carriage to the video bandwagon. What do you call it these days? Vlogging? Clogging the YouTubes? Optimal monetisation strategies?

Whatever it’s called, we want in. Therefore over the coming weeks I’ll be doing an intermittent series of videos based – but of course – on From Software’s Dark Souls. The plan is to create entertaining tutorials that explain some of the gameplay basics of Dark Souls, and help disabuse some of the misconceptions around how difficult/cruel/inaccessible it is to play.

Now, way back in the day I shared a gameplay video of my attempt to play Super EDF on the SNES, and I was justly mocked for my appalling shmup skills. I’m not that much better at Dark Souls – only a little – but I think this makes me the perfect person to introduce dubious but curious potential Dark Souls players to the game. You don’t have to be¬†that good to handle Dark Souls.¬†Common misconception.

The first test video is below. Future videos will probably aim to be of equivalent length or shorter – bite-sized nuggets of induction to gameplay rather than sprawling ‘let’s play’ type affairs.

As it says beneath the YouTube vid, this is a proof of concept/tech effort so it doesn’t include any real tips. The game/voice audio will be better in the first actual video. I’ll also sort out the visible area (not sure where those black borders came from), and I’ll also try not to suck air in between my teeth every two minutes.