The Wolf Among Us – Episode 2: open discussion thread

Back in October we ran an open discussion thread for Episode 1 of The Wolf Among Us. Yep, it really has been that long since the first part appeared.

It’s now been nine days since Episode 2 was pushed out so hopefully everyone keen to follow the continuing story of Bigby Wolf and the residents of Fabletown has played it. I’m itching to discuss the continuing developments of the story – how about you?

There’s no review component this time, so here’s an obligatory spoiler warning for after the image/cut.

The Wolf Among Us episode 2

  • At the end of Episode 1 I was a little thrown by the presence of characters I didn’t recognise in the line-up of possible suspects. Well, Bluebeard, anyway, who was new to us (I’ve been playing the game with my girlfriend, combining our sleuthing powers). We were further surprised to see a second new character we didn’t recognise among the suspects from the first game, who soon turned out to be Georgie. A comment in Dylan’s last post about TWAU sheds some light on the matter: apparently if you go to see Lawrence first you get some more information. We also went to Toad’s first!
  • The beginning of Episode 2 did a good job of making me doubt which Snow was the ‘real’ one. I suspected that the real Snow was dead and the walking, talking version was the imposter. This led a number of responses that may have later repercussions, which I liked, even if there was clearly no real divergence.
  • I’m convinced the Woodsman is innocent. The guy just seems like a total schlub, all anger and chauvinism and bitterness. Not exactly harmless, but not a murderer. My other half wondered if he might have been acting it up in the bar at the end of episode one, but I don’t think he’s bright enough to pull that off.
  • The revelation at the close of Episode 2 is interesting, but again I’m not convinced that Ichabod is the killer. His obsession with Snow is clearly creepy but it doesn’t follow that a fetishistic crush must escalate. Or does it?
  • Who are the Tweedle twins working for? Claire’s money was on Ichabod, which might explain his squeamishness about the way you interrogate the prisoner (assuming you didn’t snag the Woodsman at the close of Episode 1). Of course, that could be simple squeamishness. 
  • My guess is that the mirror gets trashed because it’s such a severe possible plothole, ha ha.
  • Bluebeard’s obviously up to something. It’s possible that he’s arranging these killings to fit up Ichabod as a killer and – if you fail to identify the killer – Bigby as incompetent, and replace the Fabletown administration with his own cronies. But it’s a little early to tell, as yet, and it’s not yet clear who Bluebeard has on his side – if anyone.
  • There are still at least ten characters we’ve yet to meet. Could the real killer be one of them? Could that undermine the murder-mystery nature of the first few episodes? I sure hope not, as treating it like a mystery it’s possible to solve is half the fun.
  • Our Bigby is characterised by mercy and tries to tread softly and kindly. A new sheriff for a traumatised community. What about yours?