Off-topic Sunday: “THE E-D-F DEPLOYS”

EDF Hektor

Excuse the rushed nature of this piece. We’re expecting guests and I’m wondering if I can manage to both clean the bathroom and squeeze in another level before they arrive.

Sandlot have implemented plenty of new features in Earth Defense Force 2025 new to the current generation of EDF titles, anyway – many of which we’re pretty excited about. No doubt each of us will decide on a favourite, whether it’s the return of the flying energy weapon trooper class, the addition of two new support classes, the promise of unusual new Ravagers to fight or the implementation of online multiplayer – something notably absent from this budget series prior to 2011’s Insect Armageddon.

It’s early days yet as of the time of writing but I’m putting in an early vote for the songs your fellow troopers sing. Oh, but they are glorious. Badly-written, poorly sung, completely po-faced, utterly improbable and impossibly charming: EDF in a nutshell.

To save our Mother Earth from any alien attack
From vicious giant insects who have once again come back
We’ll unleash all our forces
We won’t cut them any slack
The E.D.F. deploys!

By the time you read this AJ, Potter and myself, plus I hope overseas folks including Guillaume and other friends of Arcadian Rhythms (Kenty? Kevin?), should have spent plenty of time with the game. I expect we’ll have a review for you fairly promptly given how much we’re expecting to be playing this. Hopefully we’ll be able to win over a few more converts to join us in our war against the dread giant insects. 

Oh, and kudos to our erstwhile assistant editor and podcast contributor Potter for kindly buying me a copy!