Mysterious phenomena affects GhostControl, Inc. cover

GhostControl cover

I’m soon going to be writing a little about GhostControl, Inc, the second game from indie games studio Bumblebee – and their second to have been funded via Kickstarter. The game was successfully funded last June and shuffled blinking into the light in December, which may be a record for a Kickstarter-funded game.

But more on that later (tomorrow, perhaps!). For now I want only to draw your attention to a small detail that doesn’t directly affect the game, but which you’ll see every time you fire it up.

It’s in that picture up above; this post’s featured image. The woman on the left. You see it?

Yeah. It’s that pose. That one that’s a running joke. That one that many people, particularly women, are sick to the back teeth of.

I’m also fairly confident that loose-fitting coveralls made from ectoplasm-retardant cotton wouldn’t hug boobs like that. I’m almost completely sure no existent standard bra would either. Presumably this is the first jumpsuit ever made with fitted cups that simulate nipples and, er, don’t cup.

More likely it is just yet another tragic example of pandering to the male gaze in a presumed male-majority audience. Because wimminz don’t like GhostBusters or tactical isometric games, I guess, and men cannot look at a picture without base urges kicking in.

Fortunately I like the game more than I like the cover. That’s a spoiler, but I felt I should take some of the sting away from the game – my opprobrium is just for that ill-judged and condescending artwork.