Stupid Marketing Decision of the Month #1

The marketing people at 2K are idiots.

So there’s a new expansion coming for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I watched the trailers for Enemy Within and… well, they didn’t exactly create in me an insuperable urge to purchase it. Granted, by virtue of introducing actual new gameplay mechanics this expansion is already superior to Longshot and its silly linked Council missions, but one worries how the innovations fit with the existing content.

All in all the marketing footage left me only moderately interested, at best. It wasn’t until I browsed the screenshots provided that I discovered a compelling argument for obtaining the expansion pack. I don’t think I’m the only veteran of X-Com games who thinks they should have led with this:

There's a Floater on the roof and a Muton in the shed.

There’s a Floater on the roof and a Muton in the shed.