Saturday Spotlight: gooDDoog

gooDDoog 1

Who’s a good doog? Who’s a good doog? Yes you are! Yes you are!

The splendidly-titled gooDDoog comes to me as a minor blast from the past, being as it is the product of collaboration between cartoonists kc green and Eric Colossal. It’s been a few years now since I was briefly hooked on kc heath’s Horribleville, a usually absurdist autobiographical comic series heavily derived from the author’s depression. It kinda resonated with me at the time, besides which it could be pretty damn funny. When I saw kc’s name attached to this free indie game I installed and played it at the first opportunity.

To the best of my knowledge neither green nor Colossal has a history of making games, and to be honest that’s pretty clear from the rudimentary nature of gooDDoog as well as its extreme brevity. The game is about five minutes long; I think Sriggy Moggful may have taken longer to complete, and that’s a game about a stick-legged pea that cries. But charm goes a long way, and charm is something you can count on from a pair of cartoonists.

Plus, given that this is the product of a pair of cartoonists, one of whom I know for his twisted and dark sense of humour, there’s a twist in the tale that puts a spin on just what it is to be a good doog. It’s the sort of touch that elevates an experimental project from a team with no game design experience from a brief take-it-or-leave-it diversion to a tale that lives on in the mind.

You can download gooDDoog for Windows or Mac here. That means you can play it too, Kenty!