Mid-Week F.A.P: Super Amazing Wagon Adventure

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure 02

I am struggling to think of something witty to put in this intro. After watching Disaster Movie my ability to find any humour in this world has been sapped by Kim Kardashian and Step Up jokes.

So, fortunately, this week: Super Amazing Wagon Adventure.

Have you ever listened to a child tell a story or experienced a particularly fevered dream?

Such as: you are on a wagon trip to the Wild West of old where you have to shoot a bunch of woodland creatures with a machine gun, fight some pirates followed by a dragon before eating a batch of mushrooms and having to battle your inner demons until, finally, unicorns.

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure hurls itself from one scenario to the next with the kind of overzealous enthusiasm that I had only previously seen in a Jerry Springer audience during one of the specials in which a naked person punches a pregnant lady.

That is probably not topical enough of a reference. I guess it would be something like Jeremy Kyle or Rosie O’Donnell nowadays?

Whatever: there wasn’t a moment spent with Super Amazing Wagon Adventure where I wasn’t grinning ear to ear whilst playing, and I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t find the same. Go play it this weekend, you will not regret it.