Mid-week F.A.P: Inversion


Welcome to a new weekly series. My New Year’s Resolution  stint was pretty exhausting so instead of sitting down and splurging 1-2,000 weekly words on games that may or may not deserve them I am going to try and challenge myself by limiting my F.A.P. (Feelings About Playing) to around 2-300 words an article.

This week: Inversion.

It is unfortunate that Inversion exists in a world where people stopped caring about cover shooters. It ticks all the right boxes and even features a few things that elevate it beyond middle of the road. It may even be a little pretty in places, even if it is just generic man-fighters killing locust-lookalikes.

It is also a shame as moment-to-moment it’s really fun. The twist on the Gears play is that you can raise and lower gravity and this lends itself to some very dynamic battles that see you hurling cars and debris at enemies while splattering others against walls in ways that remind me of two other telekinetic delights, Psi-Ops and Second Sight.

There are some delightful zero gravity moments too in which the protagonist – generic genericman – floats through space and makes heads explode.

I feel like I am treading on some thin hyperbolic ice by saying that there are even a few moments of genius within the final set pieces which require ingenuity on the player’s part and good use of all of the tricks at your disposal, the environment included.

The story even takes a fairly decent twist with the endeavours of all involved proving to be ultimately futile and everyone ending up dead in the gutter.

My feelings about Inversion are that it is kind of worth playing when it hits the mid-price range… which it inevitably already has.