NYR: Conclusion

Oh yeah

It has taken five months but I’ve managed to come to some semblance of a conclusion to my New Year’s Resolution series. I actually finished twenty games and excommunicated another four.

I was going to share a brief write-up of two games about which I couldn’t pull together enough words to merit an article in their own right; those were Metal Slug XX and Spelunky HD. I swear I wrote three hundred words on these two, which were mostly glowing (in regards to Spelunky) and partly regretful (for arcade purists Metal Slug 2 and 4 are better whilst people looking for a good console experience should play Metal Slug First Mission). But I think those short summaries say it all.

Instead I’ll get on with what I came here to do.

It was a gratifying moment to see the number on my backloggery profile roll down to under a hundred. I even finished another game shortly after; it was Lost Planet if you’re interested.

The overall conclusion I drew was a little more sombre: it really wasn’t worth the trouble. I am sure that a few of you might have derived some enjoyment from my self-torture but if there was one thing I learnt from the experience it was that most of the games I played were not really worth playing beyond where I got to them in the first place, before abandoning them.

Certainly there were some good moments in there: finding out that Shadows of the Damned was actually okay, that ilomilo maintains a consistent level of adorableness and Miner Dig Deep is still awesome. Counterbalancing that were my experiences with El Shaddai, Yakuza 4, Trine 2 and a game that will remain nameless.

Apart from the misery it was also completely pointless.

For example, I was finishing up Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram so I decided to take it off my list, only to discover that it had never been on my list in the first place.

This happened again when I started Nin2 Jump, a slightly broken platformer that gets really good after ten levels and transforms into a delightfully rendered, frenetic version of Bionic Commando. I was getting ready to write something about it before again realising that it wasn’t on the list, even though it had been in my collection for about two years.

I didn’t investigate further until the number decreased to ninety-eight. At that point I went to see if there were any more games that I may have ‘forgotten’ to put in there.

Here’s what my backlog looked like beforehand:

Progress before

Sure it is blurry but the point still remains I had a positive rating for the first time in the three years since I joined the site.

Then I added Resident Evil 6, Fusion: Genesis, The Splatters, Rocket Riot, Darwinia+, Harm’s Way, Military Madness… twenty seven more games emerged and my backloggery ended up looking like this:

Progress After

I am still fucked.

[AJ may be fucked, but you can still enjoy either his suffering or the occasional gems he turned up by checking out the NYR archives.]