AR Podcast #6b: The Boozey Remnants

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After we finished editing the XCOM special, we found there was rather a lot of material left over. This is that.

WARNING: we were pretty wasted for most of this material. We didn’t call this The Boozey Remnants for nothing.

Podcast timeline

00:18 – welcome to crotch beer.
00:45 – the truth of AJ’s musical taste is dramatically unveiled.
01:39 – “the rollercoaster is life”.
03:03 – Left4dead contains zombies and, unfortunately, Potter.
06:54 – “Is that what I told you?”
10:56 – the end result of several hours of drinking and impassioned debate about videogames.
12:29 – a stupid and probably misremembered anecdote about Dan Ackroyd.
15:22 – we finally move on to the question of journalistic integrity.
15:56 – we almost immediately drift onto references to bands.
17:03 – Eurogamer’s typically open and honest approach.
21:19 – never have names been occluded in this cunning a fashion.
22:06 – ElectronDance questions itself.
23:04 – a mention is made of a Rockstar PR decision, and Shaun gets really angry.
28:00 – Arcadian Rhythms gets navel-gazey and starts talking about itself.
29:29 – our special non-guest tells us to stop going on about ourselves.
29:50 – some kind of point is eventually reached about paying writers.
31:40 – big games and the uniformity of critical opinion.
37:05 – do we think it’s going to get better?
39:27 – criticism and reviewing.
40:10 – the enthusiast press and what it can be.
43:23 – trying to make things improve.
44:00 – we talk about PRs and make rude jokes. Sorry, people working in PR.
46:20 – Tokyo Jungle still hasn’t downloaded! Thanks, PSN!

Games mentioned & discussed

  • Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
  • Halo 2
  • Left4Dead
  • Way of the Samurai 3 – or was it 4?
  • Ridge Racer: Unbounded
  • Mindjack
  • Earth Defence Force
  • Final Fantasy
  • Halo 4
  • Tokyo Jungle