AR Podcast #4: That’s All of the Dogs Ever

AR podcast featured

The Arcadian Rhythms podcast returns once more, and in a rather more timely fashion. It’s brought flowers and chocolates and adolescent awkwardness, along with quite a lot of hope for its fourth date. How far will it go?


  • An audio test that actually became quite interesting, as we ended up talking about Deus Ex: Human Revolutions and Conan in the context of replaying games.
  • AJ wails on Max Anarchy, the follow-up to Mad World, and breaks its teeth.
  • A brief introduction to Introversion (yes, another one: for the benefit of those who missed the first cast).
  • Shaun gets coquettish with Uplink, and AJ and Dylan are jealous of his new girlfriend, Miss Pee Cee Games.
  • Dylan talks about Dust, James obsesses about furries, Shaun starts talking about dogs and Jolly Rover, and everyone agrees that spaniels are “well fit”.
  • The dystopian possible future of videogame consoles is discussed, and disagreements around special editions ensue. At this point everyone is pretty steamed.
  • Blooper bonus: let us ruin your childhood with talk of Thundercats.

Games mentioned:

  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution (though not by name)
  • Otogi: Myth of demons
  • Conan
  • Anarchy Reigns
  • Golden Axe: Beast Rider
  • God Hand
  • Spikeout: Battlestreet
  • Uplink (and all Introversion games as a result)
  • Jolly Rover
  • Dust: An Elysian Tale
  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

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If you have any feedback to contribute it will be gratefully and graciously received.

Apologies for any background audio in this case – it was recorded before the 3rd ‘cast was posted so the only feedback I’ve been able to integrate is via the medium of my limited audio editing skills. Which also explains any odd pops in the audio. We are learning.