We’re at Rezzed

No Friday post for you today as the majority of Arcadian Rhythms is currently at Rezzed, the RPS/Eurogamer PC/indie trade show. Yep, even AJ, who refuses to play PC games (because they’re too good for him).

So far I’ve eaten a chcocolate/pretzel snack I haven’t seen for sale in sixteen years, chased Peter Molyneux up and down the seafront, drunk Mountain Dew for the first time and talked to a whole bunch of people. I think there were also some videogames. Videogames!

Expect write-ups to head your way over the weekend/following week. In the meantime, say hello if you’re also in attendance. You don’t know what we look like so I suggest standing in the middle of the show floor and challenging us to a deathmatch.

This post was brought to you by VIDEOGAMES.