AR Podcast: Rezzed, Part 2

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Welcome back to the Arcadian Rhythms podcast and part two of our live reportage from Rezzed!


  • Xenonauts “is awesome”.
  • Ignoring Peter Molyneux in favour of Introversion’s Prison Architect.
  • Spann reveals all about his favourite pop-up book, Tengami.
  • “Everything blows up and everything dies”: McPixel.
  • The Game aka qrth-phyl.
  • Catapult for Hire is cute, fun and slightly grating.
  • We finally play Proteus and make friends with some birds or something.
  • Gunpoint! “You are a man.”
  • Skulls of the Shogun is a game we will probably play.
  • There are quite a lot of gamepads here for a PC game show.
  • AJ is sad about playing indie games.
  • Shaun talks about everything for far too long.
  • Dylan is frustrated about the limited taxonomy for post-Portal games.
  • And finally… all is revealed about Spann’s masturbatory habits!

The podcast can now be subscribed to via iTunes via this link. Exciting! Modern! Fruit! Alternatively you can still listen to it using the player below.

(Apologies if you find that there’s a volume leap between the intro theme and the talking.)