AR Podcast: Rezzed, Part 1

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We are stoked to welcome you to the first Arcadian Rhythms podcast!

Here for your listening pleasure is the first part of our take on Rezzed, in which:

  • We discuss the talks we attended over the weekend: the Indie Stone’s “how to make an indie game” presentation on Project Zomboid, Introversion discussing how Subversion went awry but let to Prison Architect, and how zombie survival FPS DayZ is doing things differently.
  • Some of the big-name games of the show get talked over: Far Cry 3, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Borderlands 2 (it has guns!) and X-COM: Enemy Unknown.
  • We reveal the secret of social media experimentation: genitalia.
  • Spann unveils a sweet new poster.
  • Shaun admires how Peter Molyneux can rock a tracksuit.
  • Demon Summoner.

You can listen to and download the podcast from the player below, and an iTunes feed should go live in the next few days. We’ll update this post when that appears!

Part two is coming soon, and in that we discuss some of the exhibited games which excited us most (including the excellent indie titles on display).