Stupid Comment of the Month #3

It’s been so long. Too long. Long enough that the Vita has actually been released and, er, from what I hear it might actually be okay? I don’t know. Maybe I should change the picture. Instead of “get a PSP Vita” it could say “get all those exciting new games for your 3DS”.

Regardless, here we are again: someone has said something amusingly stupid in the gaming press and I found the time to actually read it.

This contribution isn’t really a comment, but as it’s a mention of something staggeringly stupid made within a comment I’m going to allow it. For the record, Steve Ellis and David Doak sound like pretty cool dudes who are probably not prone to saying really stupid things.

Anyway, enjoy:

“In retrospect, what happened after TimeSplitters 2 was that EA saw the Metacritic and came to us,” says Ellis. “I don’t actually think they’d looked at the game very much.” The publisher demanded Future Perfect have a strong lead character in order that it appeal to the US market. “EA turned up with this stuff that was supposed to help us,” says Doak. “And it was just big boards with pictures of Vin Diesel on them. Wesley Snipes was on one in his Blade outfit.”

The quotes are from this retrospective on developer Free Radical (Second Sight was pretty sweet, eh?) by Rich Stanton, which is well worth a read. It is mostly quite bittersweet rather than funny.