Guest post: Top Ten Serious Games

Recently we’ve been looking around for some new writers. The site has been around for over a year and we’ve had the good fortune of being joined by Kevin, Spann, Guillaume and Walker, but it is once again time for fresh blood. Fortunately we were contacted by a writer bringing news of his prestigious career over on GameFAQs.

For his first post, RainnWilsonS went with one of his top ten pieces. We don’t usually run list posts, but when something this good comes along you simply cannot let it pass by.

Top Ten Serious games:

10# Mario Kart SNES

Although this game is cutsey and colourful this game must be taken seriously because it is a racing game and racing is serious! I remember one time me and my brother played it and it was very serious. But not too serious that is why this game is at 10.

9# Manhunt XBOX

This is a serious game because it has murders in it, murdering is serious and wrong with lots of murdering being more seriouser. I completed this game in two days because I was wrapped up in the serious plot and character, very serious but very easy. I recommend playing it  on the hardest level, my little brother said it was impossible, he is 10.

8# Mortal Kombat ARC

Apart from the Kombat being spelt wrong this game is very nasty with blood and gore, sure the guys have stupid names, lol, Scorpion. It is also a genre defying game, and very serious. You should buy it, maybe, as it is sort of cheap, but it might be expensive if you don’t have a PS3.

7# Halo 4 X360

Okay, this game is not out yet, and I haven’t played it yet, but you can already tell from the message boards that everyone takes it seriously, you have to, because it is HALO and HALO is awesome.

6# Shadow the Hedgehog PS2

SEGA finally got it right, they had a crappy character called Sonic, but they finally got rid of him and replaced him with the most amazing character in video games. Shadow! Lol, this guy had guns, guns are serious. My brother thinks he rocks too.

5# Tekken 1-6 PS2-X360

OMG!? This series is too amazing to be kept apart, everything is sooooo amzing, except for 4, which is a bunch of crap, that not even my brother would play much. I liked all the characters and this was it, they had…. STORY. Very important when taking a game seriously. This games was really serious, and it was awesome. I still play Tekken 5 even though it was released years ago, IMAGINE.

4# Pac-man X360

Yeah it is a dumb looking game, but you must remember this is what started gaming, before this people did not play games, instead they watched Television. I can’t imagine a world without games and therefore Pac-man must be taken seriously.

3# Zelda series

Yeah, yeah I can hear all you Nintendo fanboys complaining that this not number one, but that is because of Wind Waker, Wind Waker was not very serious. It was for kids, I don’t like it. That is why Zelda could never be the most serious game ever.

2# Metal Gear Solid 3 PS2

The game’s silly, the plot is weird, but what makes this the second most serious game of all time, and why it should be taken seriously is because of SOLID SNAKE. This guy is serious and he smokes, not that smoking is serious (well it can give you cancer), but it makes him serious and this game serious. Serious Sam HA! Take Snake any day he is an homogenization of manliness and seriousness. Number two though because…

1# Final Fantasy VII PS

This is the ultimate game, I have played this game fives times and I beat it every time. This is the game that made me learn to read. My brother doesn’t like it because it is too serious. It has politicisical points and I think he doesn’t understand them like I do (it is all about the first gulf war and WMDs). This game has the best graphics in any serious game and they still look good today. I was very disappointed with Dirge of Cerberus, and I want to see a true sequel where Sephiroth comes back that shitty PSP game was not enough.

Anyway, that was my top 10, thanks for reading, I had fun writing it. Thanks to Arcadian Rhthyms for letting me post too.

Thanks again!