It’s Friday and we’re playing it cool

Hello to everyone who made their way here via RPS and chose to stick around (or who is just catching up on the Sunday Papers now). Walker’s Mass Effect 3 article is already our most popular piece in Arcadian Rhythms history and it’s all thanks to you; strong opinions on Mass Effect are evidently a Thing. Walker didn’t even have to describe a UK Cabinet member as a haunted sausage.

We’re not running a full-length piece today thanks to the continued activity over on Why I’m not interested in Mass Effect 3 and AJ’s Driver: San Fran review, so if you’ve not yet had a chance to read those, go and take a look now – or if you’re new to the site have a nose through our archives. There’s a lot of good stuff in there.

In place of something new I’d also like to direct fans of our Neptune’s Pride diary series, Across A Sea of Stars, to check out the latest update in Liberal Europe’s parallel series – he goes into a lot more detail than I did on the gratuitous and hilarious roleplay elements of the game.

4 – In recognition of his military prowess, to CitiesInDust, the blue turtle, I gift my entire 500 strong fleet. In order for Cyan to easily take my worlds, I will be evacuating every planet. These ships will then rendezvous on your planets and I am sure will be a fine addition to your mighty armada.

Also in relation to Across A Sea of Stars, check this beauty out:

The Remnant

That is the Remnant of the Aspiration, a trophy that Harbour Master of Electron Dance commissioned from Jonas Kyratzes and bestowed upon Adam/Captain Wells, the winner of “Spearbeams and Tears”, the game of Neptune’s Pride on which Across A Sea of Stars is based.

I would like to officially add to the record “holy shit” and “I am seriously jealous”. But congratulations Captain Wells, stalwart ally/worst betrayer.

And that’s it for now: enjoy your weekend and rejoin us on Monday for more game-writin’ shenanigans.

UPDATE: The Remnant Speaks, a second piece on Electron Dance concerning “Spearbeams and Tears”, is now online.