Blimey, haven’t done one of these in a while, it’s Friday!

My frothing anticipation for Saints Row: The Third came out of nowhere. One minute I was listening to the HAWPcast and Anthony Burch made some reference to a new video out. I didn’t really bother to even put it on my schedule, and then some footage and amusing pictures started to appear. Then some more, and more.

The next thing I know Saints Row has an in-game radio station hosted by Adult Swim, has questionable celebrity voices by Hulk Hogan and Sasha Grey, a Tron level where you become a toilet… and these aren’t even the craziest things promised.

The game skyrocted up my wanted list and proves to me that you can market crazy.

Well I  have had  the good fortune to play the game alongside fellow Arcadian Guillaume and we liked it a lot, to the point where we thought it best to express our enjoyment via the medium of imagery and song, behold the Arcadian Rhythms mock advert. Praise Genki.

The character customisation is pretty phenomenal with a broad range of characters available. The one I am most fond of – which Shaun and Dylan can probably agree that she rocks – is my interpretation of Brody Dalle.

Expect a review in the upcoming week. Enjoy your weekend.

As mentioned in the blurb, the track is by a band called Madnomad, if you like the track the rest of the album Tamper Evident is completely different. For more info see here.