Calling out PC players: Blood Bowl League

The end-of-2011 game rush has begun, so we at Arcadian Rhythms thought it would be great to play a game that came out ages ago with other people. Namely you.

AJ has bitten the bullet and bought a copy of Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition, and is now polishing off his mouse & keyboard skills in an attempt to get to grips with the turn-based mechanics on a PC. That’s right, AJ is playing a PC game and he’s trying to bully contributor Guillaume into playing it too.

Another Arcadian Rhythms contributor, Mr Spann, a confirmed lover of Orcs, has also obtained a copy of the game and is figuring out how to play it. Plus a couple of others have stepped up to the call including regular poster oddvorbis.

This is not enough. We want to run a tournament and we want at least 8 players to do it.

If you’re interested let us know. What you will need is:

  •  A copy of Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition
  • A PC that can run it
  • An Internet connection (or if you are AJ, a bar with an internet connection)
  • Some free time in late November where you can dedicate the necessary 40 minutes to an hour every week to play the game

Optional but by no means essential:

  • An understanding of how Blood Bowl works

For more info on Blood Bowl go here. In particular have a look at the forums that will give you insight into strategies for a team that might tickle your fancy.

If you know someone who would be interested then let them know too!