QOTW: E3 news vs. Bugs are the future

Hey readers. I was in two minds about what I should write for this Wednesday’s regularly allocated programming. Obviously E3 has been in full swing for a few days now and the marketing machines of the various big publishers, developers and hardware-pushing juggernauts of the gaming industry have gone into full swing.

It stands to reason that there’s a lot of exciting news coming out this week about various titles we’re looking forward to as well as previously unannounced stuff, and that it would be cool to see what’s been tickling your fancies. (Not a euphemism, don’t worry, we’re not extending the Arcadian franchise into Victorian-era pornography.)

Equally, though… man, E3. Who gives a shit! It’s the perfect time of year to stop reading the gaming press. The hyperbole flows torrentially from the big corporate sites, even more so than usual, and everywhere you look there’s a spokesperson with a pleading look in his eyes telling you why you should care about the extruded cultural product they want you to slap money on the table for. No more, I hear you cry!

So this week’s QOTW is an extra-special Choose Your Own Adventure edition. If you’re following E3 and are super-excited about what’s coming up, scroll to Section 1. If you’re sick of E3, scroll to Section 2.


I’m actually only writing these additional sections to remain in keeping with the choose your own adventure format. I’ve pretty much already asked above about what’s got you all moist. Personally, I was happy to see a bit more info on XCOM even if it is a typically testosterone-fuelled E3 trailer (I prefer the more sedate, tense, threatening pace suggested by the earlier reveals), and I was also excited by the trailer for Armored Core V. Even if it is all pre-rendered, it’s got a really grungey, beat-up military-industrial aesthetic which is a far cry from the ultra high-tech polished-metal look that mecha tends to indulge in.


Cracked.com recently posted a list of programming glitches or errors that subsequently defined significant parts of modern gaming. It’s an interesting read, so go read it.

The replacement QOTW is, then: have you encountered bugs, glitches or design flaws in recent years that strike you as unintentional errors that may come to exert as much influence over the future of gaming as these six?

I doubt anything will ever have so wide an effect with gaming at the stage of evolution it is currently at, but it’s certainly an entertaining proposition to ponder.

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