QOTW: Jack went down like a chump

I have just spent the last two weeks playing through Mass Effect 2…┬áin French.

That's right: I'm not letting this image die just yet.

It was mostly a torturous affair with the game consisting of three main elements:

  1. A fairly tedious cover shooter that was half-inched from Gears of War
  2. A mini-game in which you watch a cursor go over a spinning globe until there is a visual and audio cue for you to press a button
  3. Dialogue with speech options that offer the same three variations of speech choices:
    • Be an arsehole
    • Be a boring arsehole
    • Be a horny arsehole

I did this for about thirty hours and was unable to figure out why. That was until I got to the last two or three hours of the game in which it proceeded to get very, very good.

After (spoiler alert!) saving the universe I had to take a step back and process what had just happened. ME2 had managed to make me feel deeply invested in those final scenes, such that the culmination of the mind-numbing preceding thirty hours had actually mattered. Things had changed irreparably and it had almost redeemed the drudgery I had put up with.

At the other end of the endings-scale, I actually enjoyed Resident Evil 5 despite all its antiquated game mechanics. Then I was forced to endure a god-awful final boss fight which subsequently ruined all of my fond memories of the game.

So the Question of the Week: what are the endings that have saved/buried games that you otherwise hated/loved?