It’s Friday, and I feel like shit

I’m not overstating that, and nor am I fishing for sympathy (wouldn’t say no though). I’ve acquired some sort of bug which has knocked me down with assorted flu-like symptoms, and it’s put kind of a dent into all of the writing I’d hoped to do. Not only that but I’m supposed to be recording with my band this weekend. What timing!

Still, it could be worse. I could get absorbed by some self-absorbed prick named Alex Mercer, or the bloke in Prototype 2 who takes the logical path toward revenging the death of a loved one at Alex’s hands by… doing exactly the same shit Alex did to other people! One has to wonder if the writers just don’t think these things through, or if they’re deliberately writing protagonists as moronic sociopaths with the self-awareness of a half-starved sponge.¬†At least Crysis 2 was a bit sympathetic to its assorted diseased outcasts, eh?

Anyway, as a side effect of being ill I’ve not been keeping up with gaming news and I’ve no idea what came out this week. Was there anything good? I heard that some new Mr Potato Head game was released, or something that has a lot to do with faces anyway. Perhaps Mattel finally bit the bullet and produced a gritty, triple-AAA remake of Guess Who.

I wish you all a fine weekend of gaming or enjoying the sun or drinking yourself into a coma or assaulting Tokyo with an army of mecha; however it is you choose to spend your time. I’ll be shotgunning lemsip and pretending even harder than usual that I can play the guitar.

To see the week out, here’s a classic and hilarious Deus Ex mashup video that regular reader Gordo reminded me of, by the simple act of mentioning Ion Storm’s classic. I hope that Human Revolution is similarly ripe for surreal satirising.